Eye Color Changer: Easily Change Eye-Color Of Portraits & Share Them Via Email Or Facebook [Android]

Eye Color Changer is a program designed for you to change color of your eyes in photos taken with your Android device. Eye Color Changer wor...

Eye-Color-Changer-Easily-Change-Eye-Color-Of-Portraits-&-Share-Them-Via-Email-Or-Facebook-[Android]-(1)Eye Color Changer is a program designed for you to change color of your eyes in photos taken with your Android device. Eye Color Changer works very dynamically and goes straight to the point. By allowing you to work with images from the gallery, the scope of application is extended, as old photos can be changed through software. The tool positioning and definition of the size effects to be applied in the eye works well and is easy to drag the "control" and place it in the area that should have the colors altered by software. In contrast, in our tests we noticed that it is a bit difficult to get the size of the eye that receives changes, and something that requires some time to experiment with the program. Furthermore, the angle of the photo and style are essential to the final result is expected.

Eye-Color-Changer-Easily-Change-Eye-Color-Of-Portraits-&-Share-Them-Via-Email-Or-Facebook-[Android]-(2)  Eye-Color-Changer-Easily-Change-Eye-Color-Of-Portraits-&-Share-Them-Via-Email-Or-Facebook-[Android]-(3)

Eye Color Changer lets you choose the color of the effect of a very personalized way, through this bar analog control. This can make it difficult to choose and obtain more simple, how to make blue or green eyes, options that could be available to those who do not want to have so much work in editing the photos. Many gadgets already have the function to remove red-eye directly into the software of their cameras. However, it is very nice to have a specific program - and is filled with options.

Eye-Color-Changer-Easily-Change-Eye-Color-Of-Portraits-&-Share-Them-Via-Email-Or-Facebook-[Android]-(4)  Eye-Color-Changer-Easily-Change-Eye-Color-Of-Portraits-&-Share-Them-Via-Email-Or-Facebook-[Android]-(5)

Eye Color Changer works very simply. Simply select a photo in your gallery or if you prefer, take some time. Then point the position of their eyes, one at a time. The application's controls even allow you to determine the size of the region will get the effect. Then just point the controls which will be the new color of your eyes on the chosen image. If you want, Eye Color Changer also allows the entire image is in black and white, keeping only their eyes on the original color.


  • Realistic looking eye colors
  • Works equally well for both dark and light colored eyes
  • Excellent tool for removing "red eyes"
  • Erase tool for fine retouching
  • Save your results to camera roll, or directly share via Email or Facebook
  • Splash button literally brings out the color of your eyes!

Download Eye Color Changer For Android

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