Google Analytics: Official Mobile Client For Google Analytics Featuring Real-Time Update & Alerts [Android]

For anyone who manages a website or blog, nothing better than being able to check statistics of access without getting in front of a compute...

Google-Analytics-Official-Mobile-Client-For-Google-Analytics-Featuring-Real-Time-Update-&-Alerts-[Android]-(3)For anyone who manages a website or blog, nothing better than being able to check statistics of access without getting in front of a computer. With the official Google Analytics app that is now possible. With it, you keep an eye on the main tools that the system provides. With the delay in the launch of the official Google Analytics app expected an even better result of the search giant, however, the app piece on some items that make the experience of using the system is not as good as it could. What counts most points in Google Analytics is the interface: it adheres to Google, very minimalist and without many navigation menus, but adaptation for mobile devices could have been done in a more modern and user friendly. Some buttons are very small, which hampers when selecting items. In general, Google Analytics is a great tool for those who always want to know how many visitors are on site at the time, however, the visualization of metrics is somewhat impaired, especially on devices with small display.

Google-Analytics-Official-Mobile-Client-For-Google-Analytics-Featuring-Real-Time-Update-&-Alerts-[Android]-(3)  Google-Analytics-Official-Mobile-Client-For-Google-Analytics-Featuring-Real-Time-Update-&-Alerts-[Android]-(4)

Thus, Google Analytics turns out to be a good interim solution, but for those who need all system resources, best of all is still giving up the comfort of portable gadget and then to use the Analytics directly on your computer. To get started, just open the app and register an account. Then, the system is ready to operate. Following the same patterns of web version, you can select the metrics that prefers view, and check the number of active visitors in real time.

Google-Analytics-Official-Mobile-Client-For-Google-Analytics-Featuring-Real-Time-Update-&-Alerts-[Android]-(2)  Google-Analytics-Official-Mobile-Client-For-Google-Analytics-Featuring-Real-Time-Update-&-Alerts-[Android]-(6)

Also, you can check out the tabs for "Automatic Alerts" and "Custom Alerts". Google Analytics also features fully customizable dashboards of metrics. Thus, it becomes much easier to keep track of data that are important to you.

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