Nike+ Running: Measure The Performance Of Your Running Routine With Nike's Official App [Android & iPhone]

Running is in fashion, and there are a wide variety of applications on the market that allow you to measure all factors that excellent physi...

Nike -Running-Measure-The-Performance-Of-Your-Running-Routine-With-Nike's-Official-App-[Android-&-iPhone]-(2)Running is in fashion, and there are a wide variety of applications on the market that allow you to measure all factors that excellent physical activity. With Nike+ Running, you can register easily and quickly all your runs and the factors involved in the sport - just create an account in the service of Nike, put the shoes and start breaking a sweat. At first, the long-registration required a bit frightening, since it is not very comfortable filling out a form on a great little gadget. The default password is also required relatively cumbersome, since you need to insert a capital letter and some numbers to validate the password. The app's interface is pretty intuitive. On the Home screen, you see a summary of its activities which displays various parameters such as number of runs and calories burned, time spent with the exercises and the distance and time of your last race. The top menu allows you to quickly access the configuration screen and start their activities without further ado. The three profiles available -  basic runrun team  and  distance run  - help you control your runs more appropriately according to its goal.

Nike -Running-Measure-The-Performance-Of-Your-Running-Routine-With-Nike's-Official-App-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)

A very interesting possibility is that you can exercise instead covered (no GPS signal) as a gym, so using the "Indoors". Thus, the app uses the accelerometer to simulate the gadget your steps and calculate the approximate distance you traveled. The selector music presents a simple interface with which you select your playlist Shuffle. Still, you can enable automatic sharing of status, which publishes the results to your Facebook race.

Nike -Running-Measure-The-Performance-Of-Your-Running-Routine-With-Nike's-Official-App-[Android-&-iPhone]-(3) Nike -Running-Measure-The-Performance-Of-Your-Running-Routine-With-Nike's-Official-App-[Android-&-iPhone]-(4)

In Nike's online store, you can see hundreds of branded products related to sports, although prices in U.S. dollars and information in English may not be relevant to most Brazilians, since there is a specific site for Brazil. In short, Nike+ Running an application is complete, simple and very efficient with which you can monitor and record all your runs and walks. Although the app is a little heavy, considering the features offered, your iOS should have no problem to run it.

Nike -Running-Measure-The-Performance-Of-Your-Running-Routine-With-Nike's-Official-App-[Android-&-iPhone]-(5) Nike -Running-Measure-The-Performance-Of-Your-Running-Routine-With-Nike's-Official-App-[Android-&-iPhone]-(6)

Entering this wave, Nike has developed a comprehensive tool with which you can register your exercise routine. Unlike other simple apps, you need to create an account to start using the service. The first time you open the application, simply use your Facebook profile to begin the registration process. Recall that, in the password field, you must enter a string of eight characters having at least one capital letter and one number.


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Several racing modes
  • Show summary of its activities


  • App is pretty large
  • Uses a big amount of resource

Download Nike+ Running For Android

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