PhotoCircle: Simple Way To Privately Share Your Photos Among Your Friend Circles [Android & iPhone]

PhotoCircle is a photo sharing application that aims to ease interaction with your friends when sending photos of some event. You can perfor...

PhotoCircle-Simple-Way-To-Privately-Share-Your-Photos-Among-Your-Friend-Circles-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)PhotoCircle is a photo sharing application that aims to ease interaction with your friends when sending photos of some event. You can perform login with your Facebook user to start using the app. PhotoCircle is a very interesting application. The idea here is not to apply filters to your photos or share content such as on a social network, but send multiple images to a group of friends at the same time. This may be the ideal app to send photos of events, parties and travel that you and your friends made together. PhotoCircle The interface is very pretty and easy to use, with intuitive tools, and login with Facebook makes it even more practical. To view the pictures and comment, all persons who receive the password for the new circle PhotoCircle need to urge on their gadgets too - and this can be a problem. Unfortunately, the application is only available for iPhone and Android, leaving out those who do not have a machine with one of two operating systems.

PhotoCircle-Simple-Way-To-Privately-Share-Your-Photos-Among-Your-Friend-Circles-[Android-&-iPhone]-(2) PhotoCircle-Simple-Way-To-Privately-Share-Your-Photos-Among-Your-Friend-Circles-[Android-&-iPhone]-(3)

Still, PhotoCircle is pretty cool and can win with his beautiful interface and the immediacy it offers, uploading images immediately after capture. The application has a button for this unique camera. That is, it is not necessary to shoot and then share the picture through the app. Just take the picture directly through PhotoCircle that it is in charge of sending the image to the select circle.

PhotoCircle-Simple-Way-To-Privately-Share-Your-Photos-Among-Your-Friend-Circles-[Android-&-iPhone]-(4) PhotoCircle-Simple-Way-To-Privately-Share-Your-Photos-Among-Your-Friend-Circles-[Android-&-iPhone]-(5)

After creating the circle and upload files, your friends can access the PhotoCircle through a password provided by you - that is sent by email. You can exchange comments and share images through the major social networks. Once the new circle is formed, you can also send images immediately after capturing the photo, making the almost instantaneous transmission of images and allowing all who attended the event to access the content quickly.


  • Easier and cheaper than sending photos by text message
  • Great for birthdays, weddings, or get-togethers
  • Photos are instantly shared when you're together or apart
  • It's private - what happens in the Circle stays in the Circle
  • Easily add friends by putting your phones together
  • Add friends remotely by sending a link
  • Unlimited photos in each Circle
  • Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and other mobile devices

Check out the video demo below:


  • Beautiful Interface
  • Login in with Facebook
  • App easy to use


  • Only displays the images for those who installed the application

Download PhotoCircle For Android

Download PhotoCircle For iPhone

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