Twitpic: Official Mobile Client To Take, Edit And Send Photos To Twitter [Android & iPhone]

Twitpic is a photo application and a kind of social network aggregate. The program is a mobile version of the popular service for posting ph...

Twitpic-Official-Mobile-Client-To-Take,-Edit-And-Send-Photos-To-Twitter-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)Twitpic is a photo application and a kind of social network aggregate. The program is a mobile version of the popular service for posting photos on Twitter that now comes to iPhone and Android to make life easier for fans of Twitter. Had long had a Twitpic photo application for the iOS. And lately, the application at last arrived for the Android devices now. After the Twitter service itself included a photo native use another app to post pictures ended up being almost obsolete. Thus, either differential or they create will be destined to disappear. Despite arriving late, the Twitpic presents some interesting features like a timeline with all the photographs of the users you follow, the viewing of all your pictures and photos on popular service. The editing feature is another advantage over the native program Twitter. The tools provided are very good and help make your photos better viewed in the social network.

Twitpic-Official-Mobile-Client-To-Take,-Edit-And-Send-Photos-To-Twitter-[Android-&-iPhone]-(2) Twitpic-Official-Mobile-Client-To-Take,-Edit-And-Send-Photos-To-Twitter-[Android-&-iPhone]-(3)

One of the biggest advantages of Twitpic is the count of views. Who does not like to know how many people saw their own photo? Unfortunately the program does not allow to delete photos. That is, if you posted the wrong picture in the middle of the ballad, will have to access the web version of the service to delete it or wait to get home to access the account on a PC. A blunder.

Another error is the program timeline, which showed only three photos of the followers, and there were several images posted by some of the service on Twitter. Even late and featuring some bugs, Twitpic is an excellent tool for you to post your photos on Twitter, much better than the native microblogging service. Enjoy and download now! The Twitpic was one of the greatest services to the pictures on Twitter social network to launch its own server to store photos. With it you can view your pictures posted in the program, the images of all the users you follow and the most popular photo service.

Twitpic-Official-Mobile-Client-To-Take,-Edit-And-Send-Photos-To-Twitter-[Android-&-iPhone]-(4) Twitpic-Official-Mobile-Client-To-Take,-Edit-And-Send-Photos-To-Twitter-[Android-&-iPhone]-(5)

Another feature of the program is to post pictures and videos on Twitter. You can take pictures and record videos at the time or choose a picture and video collection of your own phone. One of the biggest advantages to the service Twitpic native is posting Twitter counter views. You can also edit your photos via an embedded editor created in partnership with the Aviary. Add multiple filters, cropping your photos, change the orientation and brightness enhancement. When your photo is ready, simply add the text and send it to Twitter.


  • Quickly and seamlessly share your photos and videos with all of your Twitter followers
  • Edit your photos with beautiful filters and easy to use enhancement tools
  • Browse your Twitter photo timeline with photos from people you follow in a beautiful interface
  • Browse photos from the most popular Twitpic users
  • Manage your Twitpic photos and videos in your own timeline


  • It has a built-in image editor
  • Allows you to view all photos from your contacts
  • Displays count of views


  • Does not allow deleting posts
  • Timeline shows only three pictures
  • Probably have a bug in Timeline view

Download Twitpic For Android

Download Twitpic For iPhone

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