GPS Essentials: A Complete Sets Of All Important GPS Tools And Fixes Under One App [Android]

GPS Essentials turns your Android ’s GPS system into a quite complete tool. With it, you have the possibility to give its geographical posi...

GPS-Essentials-A-Complete-Sets-Of-All-Important-GPS-Tools-And-Fixes-Under-One-App-[Android]-(6)GPS Essentials turns your Android’s GPS system into a quite complete tool. With it, you have the possibility to give its geographical position, follow specific routes and paths or simply track your movement along the way. GPS Essentials is an application with a great proposal, which is efficient in many respects, but fails in others. The app even has an incredible variety of tools and possibilities that delight even those already accustomed to several strategic GPS systems available today for mobile devices.However, besides having several questionable features, the application does not meet the expectations in all its tools. The speed calculation is a clear example of the problems that brings GPS Essentials: even if you're completely stopped and the images on the screen GPS also show a lack of motion, GPS Essentials just showing the speedometer moving. Even if you stick with the system turned on, without moving, for minutes, the app continues to indicate your speed. Although the tag does not pass band 1km / h, the problem does not appear in other similar applications and may indicate that even bigger problems can occur when you are in motion.

GPS-Essentials-A-Complete-Sets-Of-All-Important-GPS-Tools-And-Fixes-Under-One-App-[Android]-(2)  GPS-Essentials-A-Complete-Sets-Of-All-Important-GPS-Tools-And-Fixes-Under-One-App-[Android]-(3)

Another flaw in the app is that it is not accurate in compass tool which is one of the most useful tool of the application. You can rotate the device several times and observe little movement on the screen. The result is that you may end up taking the wrong direction with the case tell the GPS Essentials compass for navigation. In general, GPS Essentials is an application that, with some improvements, can be an interesting option and even an app indispensable for anyone who needs a GPS system with multiple tools.The look of the application is not as modern but stands side by side with the most apps of summer. Therefore, it is an app that is not worth the download, but you can keep an eye on future updates to ensure a complete and free.

GPS-Essentials-A-Complete-Sets-Of-All-Important-GPS-Tools-And-Fixes-Under-One-App-[Android]-(4)  GPS-Essentials-A-Complete-Sets-Of-All-Important-GPS-Tools-And-Fixes-Under-One-App-[Android]-(5)

The system allows you to view maps and customize the display area of ​​tools. You can choose, for example, keep an eye on the average speed of the vehicle, the battery of the device or any of more than 50 alternatives available on GPS Essentials. Additionally, you can activate the compass and choose between three different types of compass.If you prefer, you can still take pictures of places that are later to check on the map the exact location where the image was captured. GPS Essentials is free, has ads at the bottom of the screen that do not come to disrupt the use of the app.


  • Huge variety of tools.
  • Allows customization of menus.
  • Simple to use.


  • Compass shows wrong direction.
  • Location may not be accurate.

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