Maniana To Do List: Organize Your Tasks In An Easy To View With Amazing Looks [Android]

Maniana To Do List | Task List is an Android app for those who miss a pad of tasks in everyday life, but like the convenience of having eve...

Maniana-To-Do-List-Organize-Your-Tasks-In-An-Easy-To-View-With-Amazing-Looks-[Android]-(1)Maniana To Do List | Task List is an Android app for those who miss a pad of tasks in everyday life, but like the convenience of having everything saved in a gadget, be it a smartphone or tablet. With it, you have the look of a list of tasks done on paper, but has all the convenience of Android to create their own agenda. Maniana is an amazing app for anyone who wants to organize the tasks of daily life, but without losing the style of writing pads. With it, you ensure that all your tasks are saved to your gadget, and that, with one or two screen taps, you can arrange your list the way you want. The first thing that catches the eye is the Maniana the high quality of the graphics. Although this is not the most important point for an application of its kind, here you have a visual that helps a lot to use the system, mainly by bringing totally intuitive menus and images.

Maniana-To-Do-List-Organize-Your-Tasks-In-An-Easy-To-View-With-Amazing-Looks-[Android]-(2)  Maniana-To-Do-List-Organize-Your-Tasks-In-An-Easy-To-View-With-Amazing-Looks-[Android]-(3)

The movements of the app are also simple to learn and execute. With that, let Maniana navigation fluid and very enjoyable. Another positive point is the possibility to leave a task for the next day with just a touch. In much the same style of apps you need three or more taps on the display to access the function. Mark items in colors and change the order of each task is also very simple to do, making the Maniana simplify the most used tools for applications in its category.

Maniana-To-Do-List-Organize-Your-Tasks-In-An-Easy-To-View-With-Amazing-Looks-[Android]-(4)  Maniana-To-Do-List-Organize-Your-Tasks-In-An-Easy-To-View-With-Amazing-Looks-[Android]-(5)

Although it shows real potential to be a great tool, it is on early launch stage and right now my best to do manager for Android is Any.Do. But I will keep an eye on this tool too seeing its capability. Using Maniana is easy: when you open the app, the system itself shows some example tasks, so you can learn how to use the application. Here you will find complete instructions for using the app.Para create a task, select the icon at the bottom of the screen that has a button next to most.Then write down everything you need and complete. Ready! The Maniana already created a new note on the screen.

If you need to move an item from the list, hold the ringer on the line you want to change and then drag the display that annotation. Touching the left corner of each item you change the colors of that task. Selecting the arrow on the right side, you send the item to the next day. So it's easier to remember what you needed to leave tomorrow.

Check out the video demo below:


  • Intuitive Shortcuts.
  • Simple to use.
  • Visually brilliant.


  • Should adopt a more Minimal look.

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