Call of Mini: Double Shot - Crazy Shooting Game To Survive Zombie Attact [Android Game]

Call of Mini: Double Shot is a game made as to who wants to see blood dripping down the screen and does not open a gambling not in the midst...

Call-of-Mini-Double-Shot---Crazy-Shooting-Game-To-Survive-Zombie-Attact-[Android-Game]-(1)Call of Mini: Double Shot is a game made as to who wants to see blood dripping down the screen and does not open a gambling not in the midst of an amazing zombie attack. Here, your mission is to save yourself from the undead and keep getting stronger. The adventure of Call of Mini: Double Shot is a bit different from the conventional, which makes the game even more enchanting: here, you command a brave warrior-shaped Paper Toy, battling the undead in battles insane. The difficulty level of the game is great for those who already have games of skill with third-person shooter, as you will face a huge battalion of zombies. So you have to be fast when making decisions and plot routes.


The soundtrack for Call of Mini: Double Shot is quite fun, bringing different versions menus and game, leaving the app even more complete. The sounds of the game did not disappoint and show noises and gunfire attacks. The look of the game is not enough to bring images of the highest quality, as some appear not as detailed with textures, however, the game ends up being the beautiful style of graphics and 3D modeling used. A simple exchange of characters for normal paper dolls lets you have fun with a game quite different from the ordinary.

Call-of-Mini-Double-Shot---Crazy-Shooting-Game-To-Survive-Zombie-Attact-[Android-Game]-(1)  Call-of-Mini-Double-Shot---Crazy-Shooting-Game-To-Survive-Zombie-Attact-[Android-Game]-(2)

A variety of items for purchase with points in store Call of Mini: Double Shot also makes all the difference in the game and allows you to improve a lot in gambling without having to pay for additional packages. Thus, the Call of Mini: Double Shot ensures that play continue for a long time totally free. For this you will need to send the game well, getting points that serve as currency to purchase special items and accessories. With Call of Mini: Double Shot, the more enemies you kill, the stronger is the game.

Call-of-Mini-Double-Shot---Crazy-Shooting-Game-To-Survive-Zombie-Attact-[Android-Game]-(3)  Call-of-Mini-Double-Shot---Crazy-Shooting-Game-To-Survive-Zombie-Attact-[Android-Game]-(4)

The controls of the game are simple: on the left side of the screen is the joystick movement, while the right side is the trip command. The guns shoot automatically and all you need is to give the direction of the shots. As you progress in the game, you receive even more possibilities for upgrades such as new armor with different weapons and more advanced skills for the character.


  • Awesome audio feedback.
  • Good soundtrack.
  • Good visual quality.
  • Great difficulty level.
  • Good variety of special items.


Check out the video demo below:

Download Call Of Mini: Double Shot For Android

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