Don Juan-The Best Cute Jumper : Help A Squirrel Jumping Through The Forest To Eat Nuts [Android Game]

Don Juan-The Best Cute Jumper is a very fun game and, without doubt, draws attention amid so many options Google Play. Here, you have a miss...

Don-Juan-The-Best-Cute-Jumper--Help-A-Squirrel-Jumping-Through-The-Forest-To-Eat-Nuts-[Android-Game]-(1)Don Juan-The Best Cute Jumper is a very fun game and, without doubt, draws attention amid so many options Google Play. Here, you have a mission to save a squirrel friendly water that insists on climbing. Don Juan-The Best Cute Jumper game is a fast, full of difficulties and a lot of fun. With it, you can be distracted, gaming is in a rapid or more playtime. The game has a great level of difficulty, starting simple and going to get even harder and faster with the passing phase. The graphical interface of the game features breathtaking graphics. The images are full of detail and come with fun characters that make the game even better. So you can spend hours in Don Juan-The Best Cute Jumper without tiring.


Another important point is the sounds the app. Both the action and sounds of the music application are noteworthy and combine well with the theme of Don Juan-The Best Cute Jumper.The song is funny and nothing tiresome. The only drawback of the game is that it lacks a good fit for large screens, leaving edges on the sides that end up messing even the controls, that would be perfect without this problem.

Don-Juan-The-Best-Cute-Jumper--Help-A-Squirrel-Jumping-Through-The-Forest-To-Eat-Nuts-[Android-Game]-(1)  Don-Juan-The-Best-Cute-Jumper--Help-A-Squirrel-Jumping-Through-The-Forest-To-Eat-Nuts-[Android-Game]-(2)

A part of this you has two buttons on the screen and only need to jump from one platform to another, rising higher. Gambling gets faster with each step and you just need to be smart enough not to let the character falls into a hole. As you advance in the game, the Don Juan-The Best Cute Jumper shows a higher speed in the water, which rises ever further. In addition, several other obstacles begin to appear in the game, as the platforms that break, leaving the game even harder.

Don-Juan-The-Best-Cute-Jumper--Help-A-Squirrel-Jumping-Through-The-Forest-To-Eat-Nuts-[Android-Game]-(3)  Don-Juan-The-Best-Cute-Jumper--Help-A-Squirrel-Jumping-Through-The-Forest-To-Eat-Nuts-[Android-Game]-(4)


  • Visually amazing.
  • Sounds fun.
  • The music is good.


  • You may miss opportunity for being late.
  • Does not fit larger screens.

Check out the video demo below:

Download Don Juan-The Best Cute Jumper For Android

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