Gnome Village: Disney Game To Help The Little Gnomes To Flee From Evil & Rebuild Their Village [Android & iPhone Game]

A beautiful village of gnomes in the forest was destroyed by an evil gnome and his duty is to help the creatures in the reconstruction of th...

Gnome-Village-Disney-Game-To-Help-The-Little-Gnomes-To-Flee-From-Evil-&-Rebuild-Their-Village-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(1)A beautiful village of gnomes in the forest was destroyed by an evil gnome and his duty is to help the creatures in the reconstruction of the site. This is the plot of Gnome Village, the new Disney little game for Android and iPhone. You will need to release several gnomes and creatures, build homes and retrieve items in the woods, always expanding their space.  Gnome Village tycoon style is a little game where you need to rebuild a village of gnomes in the forest. The plot may not be original, but the characters are very cute and you can keep gambling prolonged for hours in front of your gadget. The look of the game can divide opinions. On the one hand we have high definition graphics, expressive characters, bright colors and beautiful flowers to decorate the place. On the other, we have a large concentration of plants and objects that need to be removed to see the ground clearly. At first glance, they give the impression of a visual pollution.


The soundtrack of the game goes well with your style, sound effects for each task completed.However, she does not get to be one of the highlights of the game. If you choose to play with the sound off, do not miss the music. Gambling itself is very interesting, allowing you to interact with various characters at the same time. Additionally, she brings several buildings and upgrade possibilities. Moreover, it is very time consuming, which may discourage the player.

Gnome-Village-Disney-Game-To-Help-The-Little-Gnomes-To-Flee-From-Evil-&-Rebuild-Their-Village-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(2)  Gnome-Village-Disney-Game-To-Help-The-Little-Gnomes-To-Flee-From-Evil-&-Rebuild-Their-Village-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(3)

Every part explored more dirt and debris on the screen. This makes the look becomes even more polluted and you have to waste a lot of time to clear the area and then be able to build new homes. Moreover, the release of creatures, demolition and harvesting of mushrooms food takes a long time to finally be completed. Meanwhile, a small bar appears above the item, when showing time remaining to complete the task. She's not off the screen, damaging the gameplay and preventing you touch items that appear behind it.

Gnome-Village-Disney-Game-To-Help-The-Little-Gnomes-To-Flee-From-Evil-&-Rebuild-Their-Village-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(4)  Gnome-Village-Disney-Game-To-Help-The-Little-Gnomes-To-Flee-From-Evil-&-Rebuild-Their-Village-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(5)

Furthermore, Gnome Village seems to have been developed for tablets. Its buttons are too large and hinder game viewing. The missions that the game offers are legal to direct the gambling, but many appear every time it ends up being very confusing. Gnome Village is a game that is very good in theory. But, in practice, has elements that need to be improved to make gambling more fluid and fun. The game has a style very similar to the Lost Island game, causing you to cling to gambling for a long time, conquering space and passing through beautiful scenery. Gnome Village is a game style that will win you over.

Gameplay: First, help some Gnome to escape and build your own Disney Gnome Village with them. Explore the enchanted forest then to collect 20+ cute and adorable forest creatures. Now you have hundreds more of quests to uncover and complete. Yet not finished, discover new lands and environments in the wider gnome kingdom and continue your adventure.

Check for the video demo below:


  • Really cool graphics.
  • Many game options.


  • Buttons too large to hinder viewing.
  • Gameplay is slow and truncated.
  • Random crashes occurs.
  • In-Game purchases are too expensive.

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