Music Downloader: Search, Play & Save MP3 Files Directly For Your Device [Android]

Music Downloader is a tool to search for MP3 which brings a very consistent set of tools for you to manage your music life for Android . In ...

Music-Downloader-Search,-Play-&-Save-MP3-Files-Directly-For-Your-Device-[Android]-(3)Music Downloader is a tool to search for MP3 which brings a very consistent set of tools for you to manage your music life for Android. In addition to search for music, it also has a built-in music player embedded. If you like to manage your music life in a simple way, keeping your MP3s in folders and have access to any song, artist or band, Music Downloader brings a solid set with great potential to please him. Unlike other programs that allow easier search and download files in MP3, Music Downloader provides a consistent interface that pleases the organization in tabs and futuristic style. During our tests, we managed to find all the songs we were looking for. One drawback is that the download of the tracks sometimes occurs at a very low rate, which varies between 60 and 80 KB/s, awful experience. More to read.

While there are many other tools available on Google Play Store to search and download MP3 files, it excels with it’s easy to using engine and built-in media player. If you want to have more alternatives, please check out our 6 Best Music Downloader Software For Android.

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The player simply has no advanced feature of equalization or organization, but allows you to experience the newly downloaded songs. The function "preview" that allows to listen to a snippet of a song without having to download the file completely, exceptional works. All features of the application are organized into tabs. To search for a song, just select the tab "Search" and enter the name of the band, artist or album in the text box at the bottom of this screen.

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You see the player on the "Player", which lists all the MP3s you downloaded with the help of the application. At the bottom of the screen are the basic controls that let you start, stop, or skip to the next song. When you select a song from the list of search you can use the "Preview" to listen to the song via streaming without having to record it in memory of your gadget.


  • Beautiful and well organized interface.
  • Built-in music player.
  • Preview function.
  • Quick Search.


  • Transfer rate sometime goes down really bad.

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