Bad Bad Rats: Destroy All Objects That Are Flying To Save The Plant [Android Game]

Bad Bad Rats is a little fun game where you must save some flowers being crushed by objects that rats played on air. Are pots, boxes, pumps,...

Bad-Bad-Rats-Destroy-All-Objects-That-Are-Flying-To-Save-The-Plant-[Android-Game]-(2)Bad Bad Rats is a little fun game where you must save some flowers being crushed by objects that rats played on air. Are pots, boxes, pumps, fruit and more, that need to be cut in the style of the game Fruit Ninja successful. You need to try to cut as many objects as possible to accumulate a higher score at the end of the phase. Furthermore, we must protect the flowers so that nothing falls into them. At first the challenge is smaller, since only a flower needs to be saved. As you advance in level, however, the amount of plant grows and you need to worry about a growing area of ​​the screen. Some items, like the snowman, unlock special modes, which are worth more points and have different objects. Try not to miss the chance to crush these objects so you get a better score and earn three stars in the late phase.


Bad Bad Rats is a game in the style of the famous Fruit Ninja, but with the addition of an important mission: save some seedlings from being destroyed. Despite its name suggests, the game has little to do with evil rats, they appear just flying through phases; That, however, is not a problem, since the game is quite fun and addictive.

Bad-Bad-Rats-Destroy-All-Objects-That-Are-Flying-To-Save-The-Plant-[Android-Game]-(3) Bad-Bad-Rats-Destroy-All-Objects-That-Are-Flying-To-Save-The-Plant-[Android-Game]-(4)

If you like Fruit Ninja, a few points should be taken into account: although the same way of playing, the Bad Bad Rats is quite different: he has a mission in each phase, have no manners and training is much simpler visually that its famous competitor. This difference, however, is what gives personality to the game: he is not a clone of Fruit Ninja, just like a game. The visuals could be better, but that does not mean he is bad. The drawings are very well made and recognizable, the animations are fast and beautiful and you can not say that this is a negative point. Moreover, the control is lacking and has as a problem the game. The response of the touch screen is not as fast and accurate as it should and this causes many objects are lost.

Bad-Bad-Rats-Destroy-All-Objects-That-Are-Flying-To-Save-The-Plant-[Android-Game]-(5) Bad-Bad-Rats-Destroy-All-Objects-That-Are-Flying-To-Save-The-Plant-[Android-Game]-(6)

The gradual difficulty is a plus for this type of game, as it allows you to get used to the control before you get really interesting. It's worth playing this game for fun and for being so addictive, but go prepared to be frustrated sometimes about losing points when the fault was actually the response time of the screen.


  • Very funny and addictive.
  • Similar to incredible Fruit Ninja game.
  • The look is beautiful and well done.
  • Gradual difficulty.


  • The response time of the touch could be better.

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