Tree Fortress - Tower Defense: A Totally Addictive Strategy Based Game [Android Game]

As the name already indicates, the Tree Fortress - Tower Defense is a tower defense game that promises to leave you glued to the screen of y...

Tree-Fortress---Tower-Defense-A-Totally-Addictive-Strategy-Based-Game-[Android-Game]-(2)As the name already indicates, the Tree Fortress - Tower Defense is a tower defense game that promises to leave you glued to the screen of your Android. Here, its mission is to protect your territory from enemy attacks and destroy the opponent's castle. For anyone who is a fan of strategy games, the Tree Fortress - Tower Defense is the perfect choice. With it, you can have fun and ensure distraction for hours and hours. The most striking is that for a free game, the app brings a huge number of phases are over 50 incredible steps to beginners or advanced players. If you have enough experience with strategy games, you can see quite easily to overcome the challenges in Tree Fortress - Tower Defense, especially in the early stages, but after a while of play, the game gets more intense and challenging.


The controls, in addition to being simple, fast and have good answers. So you will not miss the fun opportunities for failures of the game. The Visual Tree Fortress - Tower Defense is also amazing and although the game is done with just enough playful illustrations, gambling has details on all corners of the characters and scenarios. The sounds of the game are a bit repetitive, but with the action of gambling in Tree Fortress - Tower Defense that is not enough to derail. The variety of items that can be purchased with points of the game is the highlight of the game.

Tree-Fortress---Tower-Defense-A-Totally-Addictive-Strategy-Based-Game-[Android-Game]-(3) Tree-Fortress---Tower-Defense-A-Totally-Addictive-Strategy-Based-Game-[Android-Game]-(4)

To come out ahead, you may recommend gambling on his Facebook account, earning 2000 points early in the game. So even without a lot of playing time, you can now ensure soldiers weight and incredible upgrades your tools in. In the game, you have an army of animals prepared to destroy his fellows to conquer new territories. There are over 50 stages for you to enjoy and play by choosing which soldiers are best suited to achieve the opponents.

Tree-Fortress---Tower-Defense-A-Totally-Addictive-Strategy-Based-Game-[Android-Game]-(5) Tree-Fortress---Tower-Defense-A-Totally-Addictive-Strategy-Based-Game-[Android-Game]-(6)

The commands are all made by touching the screen and you just select the soldier you want to use as the points available in the game. Once you advance in gaming, may improvements will be made using the points of the game or buying new items with the credit card registered to your Google Play account. Soldiers are stronger, upgrades in animals or special items that enhance the game considerably.You can, for example, have rays that destroy your enemies with just one touch on the screen or an instant increase in strength in its soldiers.


  • Good visual quality.
  • Over 50 levels.
  • Simple controls.
  • Dozens of items to compare and upgrades to be made.
  • Great difficulty level.


  • In-app purchase available.

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  1. I prefer to break new ground, but it gets harder and harder with the
    territory that's already been walked on. See the link below for more info.


  2. When you feel like quitting think about why you started. (y)