PLAYMOBIL Pirates: Travel seas, recruit crew and get the experience of The life of a pirate [Android/iPhone Game]

PLAYMOBIL Pirates is a game that uses the well-known line of toys to recreate a pirate adventure. With it, you will travel the seven seas, f...

PLAYMOBIL-Pirates-Travel-the-seven-seas,-recruit-crew-and-get-the-experience-of-living-the-life-of-a-pirate-[AndroidiPhone-Game]-(1)PLAYMOBIL Pirates is a game that uses the well-known line of toys to recreate a pirate adventure. With it, you will travel the seven seas, facing dangers, recruit crew and participate in duels with swords. The game is based on completing missions and minigames, bringing approximately 100 different levels for you to enjoy. Additionally, it features integration with Facebook, for you to share your experiences with friends of social network. PLAYMOBIL Pirates is a game that aims to complete quests and minigames, living the adventures of a pirate's life. One big advantage is the ease of the game to make actions, after all, all you need to do is shown in the game interface in the form of buttons.


Therefore, she deserves great prominence, leaving everything visible and easy to understand, even for those who have more affinity with simulators. Even the actions to be performed involve just a few taps on the screen, without the need to change the tool every moment (as with some games of this style). Likewise, everything is in Portuguese, which can be helpful when interpreting tasks passed on a mission. The texts are coherent and well translated, it comes not only from a handful of loose sentences.

PLAYMOBIL-Pirates-Travel-the-seven-seas,-recruit-crew-and-get-the-experience-of-living-the-life-of-a-pirate-[AndroidiPhone-Game]-(2)  PLAYMOBIL-Pirates-Travel-the-seven-seas,-recruit-crew-and-get-the-experience-of-living-the-life-of-a-pirate-[AndroidiPhone-Game]-(3)

Although the game requires much interaction by the person, it can be completed in stages, since a mission stays open until you complete. The game features 100 levels and normal, even though it gets a little easier, as you evolve tasks start to become increasingly complex. The graph and drawings are simple, but very well done and bringing a touch of classic characters from Playmobil toy line, making the game engaging and fun. The background music is lively and helps to get in the mood to play with a lot of exploration of new places and adventures of pirates.

The other sounds are related to actions seen on the screen and are well timed, and perfectly represent the event. The response time is also appropriate to the touch, avoiding delays or waits to perform a task. As the game has puzzle elements, it serves as a great hobby. Even the title being well prepared, does not consume many resources of the device, which makes it a good choice for use in devices a bit more modest. So if you're looking for a game to fill those idle minutes of the day will surely enjoy the PLAYMOBIL Pirates.

PLAYMOBIL-Pirates-Travel-the-seven-seas,-recruit-crew-and-get-the-experience-of-living-the-life-of-a-pirate-[AndroidiPhone-Game]-(4)  PLAYMOBIL-Pirates-Travel-the-seven-seas,-recruit-crew-and-get-the-experience-of-living-the-life-of-a-pirate-[AndroidiPhone-Game]-(5)

With PLAYMOBIL Pirates, you have the full experience of becoming a pirate: including riding camps for exploring new lands and recruiting a crew. Moreover, you should prepare yourself for your challenge, which is to face the most feared legendary pirate: Blackbeard. Basically, you have a simulator in which to perform all the functions of a pirate. They are passed in the form of missions, involving, among other tasks, to conquer more territories. Whenever one of these activities is completed, you receive various rewards to help you evolve in the little game.


  • User-friendly interface and good gameplay.
  • Touch-appropriate response time (no delay).
  • Appropriate Music and sounds to the game.
  • Graph and scenarios according to the idea of ​​the game.


  • Some more information can make the game easier.

Check out the video demo below:

Download PLAYMOBIL Pirates for Android

Download PLAYMOBIL Pirates for iPhone

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