Race 2 Free: A violent and stylish arcade Racing Game for lovers of NASCAR [Android Game]

Race 2 Free is an arcade racing game that puts players in the role of a violent NASCAR racer.Your goal is to accelerate at full speed exceed...

Race-2-Free-A-violent-and-stylish-arcade-Racing-Game-for-lovers-of-NASCAR-[Android-Game]-(4)Race 2 Free is an arcade racing game that puts players in the role of a violent NASCAR racer.Your goal is to accelerate at full speed exceeds the oval tracks while - and detonates - the other competitors. The control scheme is simple enough, because just tilt the gadget in the direction you want to turn the car. In addition, the accelerator pedals and brake are well positioned at the ends of the screen. You can embark on the history of the game "START RACE" or play only one game in uncompromising "QUICK RACE". Anyway, you can meet a challenge in any form. To see the full list of trophies, simply go to the "ACHIEVEMENTS".


In Race 2 Free, you will find an uncompromising racing game, however, presents an engaging story and a very stylish protagonist. In control of a NASCAR vehicle, your goal is to blast your opponents and always come first. Gaming follows a fairly predictable pattern and repetitive because the oval tracks, typical in sport, are always equal. However, the control scheme must sum enough points for the title, it is easy to accurately guide the vehicle even more pronounced curves.

Race-2-Free-A-violent-and-stylish-arcade-Racing-Game-for-lovers-of-NASCAR-[Android-Game]-(1)  Race-2-Free-A-violent-and-stylish-arcade-Racing-Game-for-lovers-of-NASCAR-[Android-Game]-(2)

Also, races are not even a little quiet because the beats with other cars are very frequent and violent. Another factor that makes the gambling exciting is that the title encourages you to detonate the cars of other drivers.

Race-2-Free-A-violent-and-stylish-arcade-Racing-Game-for-lovers-of-NASCAR-[Android-Game]-(3)  Race-2-Free-A-violent-and-stylish-arcade-Racing-Game-for-lovers-of-NASCAR-[Android-Game]-(4)

Race 2 Free does not get a lot of attention in visual styles, featuring a three-dimensional set fairly simple and old fashioned. All textures are relatively poor and, considering the current industry standard, the few available effects are horrible. The set also sound leaves a little to be desired by repetitive melody that packs all races. In the same vein, the few available effects are few and rough set, demonstrating that the game of GameshastraIndia focuses on gameplay, not the graphics and sound.


  • Good gameplay.
  • Two modes.
  • List of cars and challenges.


  • Low graphics quality.
  • Poor and repetitive sound.

Check out the video demo below:

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