Snapseed: One of the Most Complete Photo Editor for you to retouch photos [Android/iPhone]

Snapseed is an image editor for Android and iPhone whose goal is to allow application of various filters for you to let your photos more s...

Snapseed-One-of-the-Most-Complete-Photo-Editor-for-you-to-retouch-photos-[AndroidiPhone]-(2)Snapseed is an image editor for Android and iPhone whose goal is to allow application of various filters for you to let your photos more stylish, beautiful and professional looking. If you are tired of the traditional applications that let you apply effects to photos and make corrections, Snapseed is a tool that can not miss in your gadget, especially if you're looking for a more advanced and professional. The application interface draws a lot of attention for the great organization and ease of use. All options are positioned in a consistent and self-explanatory texts that appear on the screen indicate the function of each button and gesture.


A collection of filters, the large amount of available parameters and ease of adjusting the intensity of each effect are the main highlights of the tool, as well hit the set allows you to make adjustments with ease and professional quality. Moreover, after finishing work, just press a button to save or share issue without any limitation or watermark.

Snapseed-One-of-the-Most-Complete-Photo-Editor-for-you-to-retouch-photos-[AndroidiPhone]-(2)  Snapseed-One-of-the-Most-Complete-Photo-Editor-for-you-to-retouch-photos-[AndroidiPhone]-(3)

Unlike many apps of its kind, the goal here is not to let the images comic, but concrete make corrections quickly and efficiently. To select an effect, simply slide your finger across the bottom of the screen. You will find options like "Straighten and rotate", "Black and White", "Vintage Movies", "Drama", "Grunge" and many others.

Snapseed-One-of-the-Most-Complete-Photo-Editor-for-you-to-retouch-photos-[AndroidiPhone]-(5)  Snapseed-One-of-the-Most-Complete-Photo-Editor-for-you-to-retouch-photos-[AndroidiPhone]-(6)

After selecting a filter, you must slide your finger up and down to check the list of available parameters, such as "Brightness", "Contrast", "Saturation" and so on. In turn, the intensity adjustment is made by sliding the finger horizontally on the interface.


  • Well finished and very intuitive interface.
  • Many effects and filters.
  • Algorithm for very fast rendering.


Download Snapseed for Android

Download Snapseed for iPhone

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  1. Normally, 3 shots are enough, then you can already create an HDR photo just cklick the link. But if you want to play it safe, take 5 shots with a different exposure.