TinyTunes: A Giant Collection of songs for you to search, listen and download favorite tracks [Android]

iTunes and other services to sell MP3s are easy places to find songs from many different genres, but not always these stores have the songs ...

TinyTunes-A-Giant-Collection-of-songs-for-you-to-search,-listen-and-download-favorite-tracks-[Android]-(1)iTunes and other services to sell MP3s are easy places to find songs from many different genres, but not always these stores have the songs we seek. The TinyTunes is a free app for Android that comes to solve this problem. The program performs quick searches on various web sites for you to hear your tracks without having to spend a penny. It's as if you were searching in the collection of YouTube, but without spending banda internet videos to load heavy. The app also offers lists of major landmarks, showing a number of famous songs, or you can meet a bunch of new tracks without wasting much time. The TinyTunes still brings a function to explore your storage card, enabling you open your MP3s directly on the embedded player.

TinyTunes-A-Giant-Collection-of-songs-for-you-to-search,-listen-and-download-favorite-tracks-[Android]-(1)  TinyTunes-A-Giant-Collection-of-songs-for-you-to-search,-listen-and-download-favorite-tracks-[Android]-(2)

The TinyTunes is a very good program for those who love music and do not want to spend on buying MP3 files. Both the research field as the main lists available on the home screen, the search is very fast songs. Although the filter program is not very efficient for newer sounds, the variety of files ensures that you find what you seek. Just scroll down the screen a bit to find the desired version. Of course, you can also check other items and find some songs like that might please you.

TinyTunes-A-Giant-Collection-of-songs-for-you-to-search,-listen-and-download-favorite-tracks-[Android]-(3)  TinyTunes-A-Giant-Collection-of-songs-for-you-to-search,-listen-and-download-favorite-tracks-[Android]-(4)

Although not very elegant, the app's interface is well organized and all the buttons work perfectly.The separation tabbed helps you find what you seek quickly. The music player is pretty simple, but provides the key tool to play your tracks. In our tests, downloads the songs came quickly, and the transfer rate basically depends on your connection. Of course, it is worth noting that the app should not be used to download illegal files. The option to play music from SD card is interesting, but do not like to see this feature in the program, mainly because you can accidentally delete some of the songs in your library. Also we are not happy with the annoying advertisements that are on the screen of programs, but unfortunately they are guaranteeing gratuity.

Despite some glitches, the app behaved well in our tests. If you seek a new app to listen to music online, it TinyTunes test. Want more? If you are not satisfied with playing online, this little program even allows you to download your favorite files. You can queue a number of items and wait until the downloads are completed. Then simply choose the song you want to listen and enjoy the sound till you drop.


  • Streamlined interface.
  • Lets you download files.
  • Fast Playback.
  • High quality sound.


  • Download fails sometimes.
  • Force Close happens during download.

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