Copy For Android: New Cloud Based File Sharing Service With 5GB Free Storage & Cross-Platform Support

Copy is an online file storage that functions similarly to Dropbox , allowing you to access to your files either directly by the browser or ...

Copy is an online file storage that functions similarly to Dropbox, allowing you to access to your files either directly by the browser or through other means of native application. The service can also be accessed by Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, since it has an application for each. With them, everything sent to the local folder is synchronized with the cloud. The interface of Copy is not only organized but also very beautiful. With the shadow effect used between the divisions and sections presenting the colors are subtle differences between them (no great contrast), the overall appearance of the service very pleasing, something that is also seen in the applications of the various operating systems that it offers.

Copy-For-Android-New-Cloud-Based-File-Sharing-Service-With-5GB-Free-Storage-&-Cross-Platform-Support-(1) Copy-For-Android-New-Cloud-Based-File-Sharing-Service-With-5GB-Free-Storage-&-Cross-Platform-Support-(2)

The amount of storage space offered is sufficient to store pictures and mainly text documents. However, the free version may not be enough to store many videos as it provides only 5 GB files. Although they said that you will receive 5 GB additional storage each time someone signs up for Copy and installs desktop or mobile client through your referral, but we couldn’t get this to work during our test.

The transmission speed of files depends on your connection: the Copy itself showed no connectivity problem during our tests - this also applies to applications and service programs.Moreover, the ease of sharing what sent is excellent because each file has its own access link, plus you can share entire folders and grant access to them to other users of the service.

Copy-For-Android-New-Cloud-Based-File-Sharing-Service-With-5GB-Free-Storage-&-Cross-Platform-Support-(3) Copy-For-Android-New-Cloud-Based-File-Sharing-Service-With-5GB-Free-Storage-&-Cross-Platform-Support-(5)

When using the Copy in the online version, you have the option of dragging the files you want to send to the service on the browser window. The storage provided by the service is 5 GB and can be increased to 2 GB if you use Twitter to promote it. In theory, you can also earn additional 5 GB for each friend who signs up in the Copy during its launch - and other 5 GB if you install the service application.

Copy-For-Android-New-Cloud-Based-File-Sharing-Service-With-5GB-Free-Storage-&-Cross-Platform-Support-(7) Copy-For-Android-New-Cloud-Based-File-Sharing-Service-With-5GB-Free-Storage-&-Cross-Platform-Support-(9) Copy-For-Android-New-Cloud-Based-File-Sharing-Service-With-5GB-Free-Storage-&-Cross-Platform-Support-(4)


  • Easy to use.
  • Plenty of storage space for free.
  • Beautiful interface.
  • Client for Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS also available beside Android and web version.


  • Uploading speed seems to be a little slow.
  • Promotion of getting additional free storage doesn’t work.

Download Copy for Android

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