System Monitor Lite: Elegant App To Visualize real-time consumption of hardware resources [Android]

System Monitor Lite is an analysis program that brings real-time data on Android device. System Moni...

System Monitor Lite is an analysis program that brings real-time data on Android device. System Monitor Lite provides information about the hardware performance of Android device and assembles them in an app with beautiful modern UI. The software has a very simple interface and you can simply swipe through tabs to go all the viewing options of the program. As stated above, it appears in real time and with a refresh rate of frequency information with just one second, which ensures that the data seen by you are always the most current possible.

System-Monitor-Lite-Elegant-App-To-Visualize-real-time-consumption-of-hardware-resources-[Android]-(2) System-Monitor-Lite-Elegant-App-To-Visualize-real-time-consumption-of-hardware-resources-[Android]-(4)

Program options, however, are very basic. It allows you to view the CPU and RAM, the rate of data recording and internet speed, and simple elements found in many other software style. Thus, differential useful as a widget that illustrates this information on the home screen of Android or else something that brings this data directly in the notification bar system, for example, would be very welcome.

The application is offered as a monitoring tool for those who want to know how is the consumption of hardware applications in gadget gifts. So it brings five very simple and comprehensive options. All occupy the whole screen of your gadget interface when they are selected, always bringing a chart with all changes in real time.

Here you find the consumption of processor usage and RAM, the write speed of the memory, internet connection and speed, and also all running programs and their respective consumption within the Android hardware.

System-Monitor-Lite-Elegant-App-To-Visualize-real-time-consumption-of-hardware-resources-[Android]-(5) System-Monitor-Lite-Elegant-App-To-Visualize-real-time-consumption-of-hardware-resources-[Android]-(1)

From the settings menu, you can change themes between dark and light, change update interval time for each stats individually, CPU, RAM, Disk I/O, Network and Top Apps.


  • Real-time resource usage.
  • Modern UI with brilliant typo.


  • Lite version has limitations.

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