12 Best Android Applications & Games Of The Last Week [6/17/2013]

The world of Android is moving real quick and there are lots of new application and games are to be introduced in Play Store. It is practic...

The world of Android is moving real quick and there are lots of new application and games are to be introduced in Play Store. It is practically impossible to try and review each application. Generally, we try out only a small number of apps and so many useful games and applications don’t get deserved mention. So we decided to increase our focus to bring about best applications for the recently released apps and games so that you can keep an eye over most of the updates easily. In this series, we will bring best android applications of different genre per week and if we get visitors attention, we have plan to do the same for Windows and iOS soon. Previous week, we have shared 4 new application and 7 new game released(or major updated). This week, we are going to do the same with 4 best new applications and 8 best new games for Android.



CPU-Z [Android 3.0 + Free]

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Currently on beta, the famous Windows app to check out hardware information, CPU-Z has recently landed on Google Play Store. This app brings almost all the hardware information you might need to know about your Android device. CPU-Z displays SoC (System On Chip) name, architecture, clock speed for each core, device brand & model, screen resolution, RAM, storage, battery level, status, temperature, different sensors and their real-time value etc.

Taskbar - Windows 8 Style [Android 2.1 + Free]

The next app today is Taskbar - Windows 8 Style, an app for the homescreen customization of the device. It changes the way you interact with the operating system, adding a bar very similar to the Windows Start Menu (available until version 7 OS from Microsoft).


Through it you can access all the applications installed on the device, as well as shortcuts to enable and disable wireless connections. Taskbar - Windows 8 Style can adapt to the screen both horizontally and vertically, without size limitations.

Business Tasks Beta [Android 2.2 + FREE]

To keep your life organized, you can try downloading Beta Business Tasks . This application is able to synchronize information with Google Tasks and Toodledo service. That way, you can manage all their affairs in a practical and modern interface.

12-Best-Android-Applications-&-Games-Of-The-Last-Week-[6172013]-(4)  12-Best-Android-Applications-&-Games-Of-The-Last-Week-[6172013]-(5)

The idea is to centralize content and more efficient marking of tasks performed and new goals.That way, you can access content wherever you are, through your gadget. The look beautiful, varied possibilities of organization and customizable view are the highlights of this application.

ESPNcricinfo [Android + Free]

12-Best-Android-Applications-&-Games-Of-The-Last-Week-[6172013]-(16) 12-Best-Android-Applications-&-Games-Of-The-Last-Week-[6172013]-(17)

The official Android app for ESPNcricinfo has received a major update recently with a completely new UI and many other useful features like Quiz and snippets, social integration, offline support, quote and trivia and many more. The ESPNcricinfo has been one of the best android app for cricket lovers to check real-time ball by ball score updates, pre and post match review, news and videos and more. And with this new update, it ensures that they are focused to their goal to be the best application of cricket updates.


Rage of the Gladiator [Android 2.3 + FREE]

The first game of today is Rage of the Gladiator. This action game will put you inside a huge Roman arena to fight like a true Gladiator. The only way to win out is to kill your opponent.


In addition to conventional weapons, you need to face some rays and dangerous mythological creatures. The game stands out for bringing amazing looks, electrifying storyline, excellent visuals and soundtrack that perfectly complements the gambling.

Icy Tower 2 Temple Jump [Android 2.2 + FREE]

Explore ancient tombs in search of treasure: this is the story behind Temple 2 Icy Tower Jump, a game very casual fun. You must control the main character through the floating platforms, moving the device from one side to the other to direct their movements.

12-Best-Android-Applications-&-Games-Of-The-Last-Week-[6172013]-(6)  12-Best-Android-Applications-&-Games-Of-The-Last-Week-[6172013]-(7)

The game stands out for its simplified gameplay, intuitive controls and a visually beautiful it is combined with joyful sounds exciting. Also, there's even an online store to buy accessories that make the games even more engaging.

Bomblast [Android 2.3 + FREE]

The next tip is a puzzle game that requires strategic thinking. In Bomblast, your goal is to help the protagonist to reach all the stars of stage and reach the exit safely.


To do this we must make thoughtful explosions, changing the intensity of each to reach the end point. The game brings a very unique style and intelligent, combined with excellent interface.

Monsters U: Catch Archie [Android 2.3 + Free]

If you like animation, you know that the sequel to "Monsters Inc." hit theaters. Monsters U: Catch Archie is the little game official "Monsters University" with the beloved characters from the series on a great adventure.


Here you must help Mike to capture the mascot of the university campus, overcoming all obstacles that appear in front of you. The style of the game is very similar to Temple Run success, with quick movements that require full attention of the player.

Rescue Me - The Adventures [Android 2.3 + FREE]

In Rescue Me - The Adventures, you are a giant who tries to save the characters on the screen, taking advantage of its size to get them to a safe place. The most interesting is that the game is in first person, which means your finger on the screen seems almost life-size.


There are 25 different stages to overcome, rescuing people from the risk of collapse. The gambling proved to be very unique and fun, with great graphics and challenging difficulty level that keeps you connected all the time in the dispute.

Despicable Me [Android 2.3 + FREE]

Despicable Me is another little game inspired by a blockbuster film that appears in Best Apps today. Your mission is to guide a fun Minion by secret base of former supervillain Gru.

12-Best-Android-Applications-&-Games-Of-The-Last-Week-[6172013]-(10) 12-Best-Android-Applications-&-Games-Of-The-Last-Week-[6172013]-(11)

You enter the adventure in search of the prize Minion of the year, trying to impress his boss. To do this, slide your finger in the desired direction, guiding the character through various obstacles, collecting power-ups and walking through high-quality graphics.

Flying Fox [Android 2.2 + FREE]

For those who enjoy games in the style of the popular Angry Birds, a good tip is to download Flying Fox, one game free and fun! You must hunt chickens with the help of a flying fox.


To do this, use your sights and try to take them to heaven, completing your task. Thus, you can feed the fox and save the day. The challenge level is high and increases gradually, keeping you connected in the game to try to solve all the puzzles that require reasoning and precise movements.

Shooting Showdown [Android 2.0 + FREE]

Shooting Showdown is a game that closes the Best Apps this week. Who likes shooting games have here an excellent download option. You will find realistic scenarios and weapons breathtaking.


You can play games online and their successes are reversed in credits that can be used to buy more powerful weapons. The gameplay and the graphics are great and worked the highlights of this application.

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