4 Best Offline Maps For Android To Navigate Without Internet Connection

There are several situations in which a GPS or a simple map can be useful, as well as many other areas where you may have no way to access t...

There are several situations in which a GPS or a simple map can be useful, as well as many other areas where you may have no way to access the internet to check maps accurately online. Such cases require emergency action is to call someone who is in front of a computer or just open one of the apps below, you can see them as reliable maps of the region in which you find yourself.


Google Maps

A recent update to Google Maps added the option to release the use of the application in offline mode. Basically, it works the same way online, but with the difference of being limited to your city (or just the region it has downloaded the information). Although it has a routing function, the app is not able to recalculate it in case you decide not to follow the directions displayed on the screen. It is worth noting that not all maps of Brazil may be available.



Navfree functions as a GPS device, and even has an interface similar to such a device. To make it work you have to download a database according to your country. However, because free maps downloaded may not be as complete, leaving showing reference points, for example.


MapsWithMe Lite

The Maps With Me Lite does not draw routes on maps downloaded or indicate when you should turn to reach the desired location. However, it is an excellent tool for taking up little space and can transfer only the map of the region around it, great for something you do not waste space on your device with maps that will never use.



The most interesting features not present in this application, ie, no route creation or indication of where do your curves. To some extent, the MapDroyd looks like the app mentioned above, but with the main difference to show more reference points on the map, helping you to more easily find.


With the above applications, you may be able to find your way back for times of crisis, when you have no way to access the internet with no point or has exhausted its quota in data plan for your phone. That is, if you are always prepared and leave some maps downloaded possibly useful, as there meet with some precision using this selection.

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