Best Android Applications & Games Of The Last Week [6/10/2013]

The world of Android is moving real quick and there are lots of new application and games are to be introduced in Play Store. It is practic...

The world of Android is moving real quick and there are lots of new application and games are to be introduced in Play Store. It is practically impossible to try and review each application. Generally, we try out only a small number of apps and so many useful games and applications don’t get deserved mention. So we decided to increase our focus to bring about best applications for the recently released apps and games so that you can keep an eye over most of the updates easily. In this series, we will bring best android applications of different genre per week and if we get visitors attention, we have plan to do the same for Windows and iOS soon. So, lets check out 4 best new application and 7 best game released(or major updated) in pervious week now.



Vine [Android 4.0 + FREE]

Vine is a fun and intelligent service that allows you to create videos up to five seconds to share the internet. The application was already pumping on iOS now comes to Android and to further expand the number of users.

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It works like Instagram, but with videos that are similar to GIFs for high resolution. The app is very intuitive and organized and has no connection with Twitter, so you publish content to all your friends.

Duolingo [Android 2.2 + FREE]

The next app today is for those who are studying or want to make contact with a new language. Duolingo is an online service and totally free - which is already widely known on the internet.

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Initially, the application shows your locale language (if supported) and has instructions to learn English, but if you've mastered this language, you can also learn French and Italian. The service brings lessons, translations and different modules, always visually appealing. A great help for those who want to learn new words and expressions.

Yandex.Shell [Android 2.1 + FREE]

Yandex.Shell customization is the app of the week, with a very beautiful and modern interface. You can update the look of the operating system even if it is still stuck on older versions of Android.

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The homescreen will win beautiful transition effects, and the application still has various widgets with information such as weather and access to screen brightness and wireless connections.Yandex.Shell app is a lightweight and very stable, something essential to the interface of your gadget.

Real Guitar Free [Android 2.2 + FREE]

For music fans, our tip is Real Guitar Free, an app that turns your Andorid on an acoustic guitar. The idea is to encourage those who are learning chords and notes, in addition to serving as a fun hobby.


You can play music, compose and use the information from the app to learn the position of the fingers. The interface is beautiful and very well developed and you can even choose between a guitar with nylon strings or steel.


World Of Aircraft [Android 2.2 + FREE]

Opening the selection of games this week, World Of Aircraft is an aerial combat game in which you pilot fighters of WWII. You'll get into fierce battles and fight enemies need heavy artillery.


The game features realistic graphics and very detailed. The gameplay here is very fast and well-designed control scheme ensures that you can keep the focus on action all the time. You will face a series of challenging missions and can still use the multiplayer mode, which is very efficient.

Supreme Heroes [Free Android 2.3 +]

If you're a fan of RPG, Heroes Supreme is a game that has everything to get your attention. The idea is to transform any adventurer in a promising superhero, fighting crime in a big city.

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You can log in through Facebook to store the game data and interact with their friends. The interface is very efficient, the soundtrack is immersive and the numerous possibilities of evolution stimulate further their performance in the game.

UNO & Friends [Android 2.3 + FREE]

UNO is one of the most entertaining games of all time, able to enliven any gathering of friends. With this app, you can play anywhere, playing games online with your friends.


The goal is to get rid of all your cards. Connecting to Facebook, you can launch challenges to their contacts. The game adds up to total score and still allows you to earn bonuses for use in the decisive moments of the matches. A really fun game!

Final Fantasy IV [Android 2.3 + $20.07 Paid]

The price of this next game is very high, and we are fully aware of this. But this release for Android could not stay out of the Top Apps. After all, we are talking about a remake of the classic Final Fantasy IV, 1991.


The version of Android comes to the screen is the same released in 2008 for Nintendo DS. The control scheme was very intuitive and the graphics and original story emphasize the nostalgia. If you're a fan of the saga, it is worth investing in this application.

3D City Run 2 [Android 2.1 + FREE]

3D City Run 2 is a game where your character has to fight for his life, running through a ruined city. The character is in constant motion and it's up to you to track your steps, dodging obstacles and collecting coins to buy boosts. The gameplay here is addictive, driven by a lively soundtrack and excellent level of difficulty.

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Gangstar City [Android 2.3 + FREE]

In Gangstar City, you will become the leading member of a gang in Los Angeles. His brother is kidnapped by a rival mob and its role is to try to rescue him. At the same time, we must keep track of the gang, continuing their illegal activities.


The game features an engaging narrative, with simplified and intuitive commands. In addition, all content is in Portuguese, facilitating the understanding of all the missions that you must meet.

Pocket Trucks [Android 2.0 + FREE]

Pocket Trucks is the game that closes the selection of games Best Apps today. In this little game race, your goal is to complete the various clues and challenges. For this, you get a visually fun and several different cars. An easy option to play and can be a great hobby for your gadget.


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