Feedly: The Most Beautiful & Featured Google Reader Alternative For Android

With the announcement of the closure of Google Reader, many people were desperate seeking alternatives free to read news on their smartphone...

With the announcement of the closure of Google Reader, many people were desperate seeking alternatives free to read news on their smartphones. However, there is no need to panic because there are dozens of alternative weight as Feedly. If you are looking for a quality alternative to Google Reader, Feedly is undoubtedly a great option, especially if you like minimalist interfaces with a focus on practicality. Clicking the first button on the toolbar, a window enables dynamic filter feeds by categories or simply open the latest news from all subjects enrolled. Thus, the use of submenus is mixed thoroughly dispensed.


During navigation, the featured items are displayed in full-screen, while the remaining elements are loaded in groups of five with a thumbnail image and a short summary. That way, you can see the new visual form but without losing much time.

Feedly-The-Most-Beautiful-&-Featured-Google-Reader-Alternative-For-Android-(1)  Feedly-The-Most-Beautiful-&-Featured-Google-Reader-Alternative-For-Android-(2)

The database brings several international sites in English, Spanish, German and other languages.However, there is nothing in Portuguese, and this may disappoint many people. However, if you import your feeds from Google Reader, this inconvenience can go unnoticed.

Feedly-The-Most-Beautiful-&-Featured-Google-Reader-Alternative-For-Android-(3)  Feedly-The-Most-Beautiful-&-Featured-Google-Reader-Alternative-For-Android-(4)

The app is a newsreader complete and very stylish that values ​​the artistic look and simplicity of the interface, organizing news from your favorite sites in an elegant and very pleasant. Additionally, you can log into your Google account and import all your feeds from Reader, eliminating the tedious task of having to build from scratch a list of sites to receive updates.


  • Really intuitive & well-organized interface.
  • The news are displayed in groups of five items, streamlining navigation
  • Many popular international sites available.
  • Productive search result to find best interest.


  • Mark as unread option needed.

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  1. Another Con: as for now no OPML export. Yes, Leaving feedly will be very difficult the exact moment Google Reader will die (until then Takeout from Google Reader will get you your feeds db).