Moon+ Reader: Probably The Best eBook Reader Available For Android

Moon+ Reader is an application for Android that will help you read any eBook with ease, even if you...

Moon+ Reader is an application for Android that will help you read any eBook with ease, even if you never used a similar system. The app includes dozens of tools for you to read in a more pleasant and mark important parts of the book. Moon+ Reader stands out for being very simple to use and rely on tools that make it very easy to read and the creation of annotations. Even those who do not have much skill with the operating system of the device will get along with Moon + Reader, since its interface is intuitive and has symbols that represent well all the tools.

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The ability to download or open the books already in the library of the handset is also one of the advantages of Moon+ Reader. Additionally, the application allows you to separate the books into categories, marking their favorites, tags and still find works by title or author. Another positive point is the tracking tool also allows the reading speed management. With all this, Moon+ Reader becomes a great alternative to read the gadget without spending anything.

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To navigate through the books, you have no job. Just choose "Local files" (files saved in the phone), "Net library" (downloadable books on the net) and "My shelf" (already added books to the library of Moon+ Reader).

Select the menu button and check out the options that Moon + Reader gives you. You can change the page orientation, invert the colors of the white background and black letters, activate a line that helps mark the reading, create notes and marks in the book, as well as view the content of the work and navigate to the page you want.

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When you activate tracking reading, you can still increase or decrease the speed just using the volume buttons. To create save an important part of the work, select the symbol of a book and choose "Bookmark" for brands and "Note" for notes.


  • Easy to use.
  • Dozens of features.
  • Categories and tags to books.
  • System notes.
  • Night mode perfect for low-light reading.


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  1. So far I love the features except one, no clear way to create categories. Can you explain how to do this

  2. I have not been able to figure out how to create categories in Moon Reader. Can you explain how to do this? Thank you.