The Official ESPNcricinfo App For Android Gets Massive UI Update With Snippet, Quiz & More

The official Android app for ESPNcricinfo has received a major update recently with a completely ne...

The official Android app for ESPNcricinfo has received a major update recently with a completely new UI and many other useful features like Quiz and snippets, social integration, offline support, quote and trivia and many more. The ESPNcricinfo has been one of the best android app for cricket lovers to check real-time ball by ball score updates, pre and post match review, news and videos and more. And with this new update, it ensures that they are focused to their goal to be the best application of cricket updates.


The-Official-ESPNcricinfo-App-For-Android-Gets-Massive-UI-Update-With-Snippet,-Quiz-&-More-(9) The-Official-ESPNcricinfo-App-For-Android-Gets-Massive-UI-Update-With-Snippet,-Quiz-&-More-(1)

The-Official-ESPNcricinfo-App-For-Android-Gets-Massive-UI-Update-With-Snippet,-Quiz-&-More-(2) The-Official-ESPNcricinfo-App-For-Android-Gets-Massive-UI-Update-With-Snippet,-Quiz-&-More-(3)

The-Official-ESPNcricinfo-App-For-Android-Gets-Massive-UI-Update-With-Snippet,-Quiz-&-More-(4) The-Official-ESPNcricinfo-App-For-Android-Gets-Massive-UI-Update-With-Snippet,-Quiz-&-More-(5)

The-Official-ESPNcricinfo-App-For-Android-Gets-Massive-UI-Update-With-Snippet,-Quiz-&-More-(6) The-Official-ESPNcricinfo-App-For-Android-Gets-Massive-UI-Update-With-Snippet,-Quiz-&-More-(7)

New features:

  • ESPNcricinfo 3.5 – A new way of experiencing cricket on your mobile device!
  • Social Integration lets you share through Facebook and Twitter.
  • ESPNcricinfo Conversations to read and post comments.
  • Favourites to access content offline.
  • Snippets, Quiz and Glossary for both the aficionado and the novice.
  • Mobile Story and More - Discover them yourself!

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