DU Speed Booster Is An Intuitive Tool To Clean & Optimize Your Gadget [Android]

DU Speed ​​Booster (Cleaner) is an optimizer for Android that brings dozens of great quality tools to help you keep your device running with...

DU Speed ​​Booster (Cleaner) is an optimizer for Android that brings dozens of great quality tools to help you keep your device running without crashing. The first time the app is run, an automatic cleaning is done to flush the RAM and temporary files. There are many cleaning and optimization on Google Play applications, but the DU Speed ​​Booster (Cleaner) is undoubtedly one of the most complete and efficient options that will really help you to keep your gadget in perfect condition. The program interface calls attention to the intuitiveness and beauty. All options are well organized and are represented by self-explanatory icons. Thus, even people who do not know English will be able to take advantage of the tool without difficulties.

DU-Speed-​​Booster-Is-An-Intuitive-Tool-To-Clean-&-Optimize-Your-Gadget-[Android]--(1) DU-Speed-​​Booster-Is-An-Intuitive-Tool-To-Clean-&-Optimize-Your-Gadget-[Android]--(3)

In addition, people with more knowledge need not be limited to the automatic scan, since the extra utilities such as the "App Manager" and "Accelerator", for example, also offer good possibilities, including disabling apps from the bootstrap system. Despite all the features, you will only benefit the most from DU Speed ​​Booster (Cleaner) if your device is rooted. Otherwise, the services deleted from memory can be re-executed in a short time and you will not be able to remove the protected apps (System pre-installed) by operating system.

DU-Speed-​​Booster-Is-An-Intuitive-Tool-To-Clean-&-Optimize-Your-Gadget-[Android]--(4) DU-Speed-​​Booster-Is-An-Intuitive-Tool-To-Clean-&-Optimize-Your-Gadget-[Android]--(5)

DU-Speed-​​Booster-Is-An-Intuitive-Tool-To-Clean-&-Optimize-Your-Gadget-[Android]--(6) DU-Speed-​​Booster-Is-An-Intuitive-Tool-To-Clean-&-Optimize-Your-Gadget-[Android]--(7)

From the main menu, the "Detect now" option causes a full scan again if necessary. More specific options, such as "Accelerator", "Trash Cleaner", "App Manager" and "Battery Saver" are also available. Check the video demo below for more information:



  • Organized interface
  • Many tools available
  • Remove Apps from bootstrap


  • Some features require root

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