Get Shit Done! Is A Different Type Of Task Manager To Stay Focused On Problems [Android]

The Get Shit Done! is a kind of task manager application for Android that, unlike common programs, has a more aggressive tone with total fo...

The Get Shit Done! is a kind of task manager application for Android that, unlike common programs, has a more aggressive tone with total focus on motivation. In fact, the software is made for you to keep you focused on a major problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible without the right to delay. If you are bogged down in big trouble at work or in any other context, this app will bring an interesting feature for you to manage your tasks and stay motivated to solve it within determined time set. The interface of the app is very intuitive and everything is done step by step, avoiding any confusion. Furthermore, the possibility of registering tasks and words of motivation sum sufficient points to the program, as these items significantly easier to manage a complicated activity.


The aggressive language is another prominent element of this program as it helps people to enter the frenzy atmosphere required to work long hours without rest. Although if you are looking for a task manager to organized and complete tasks, Get Shit Done! is not a good option. In fact, the app can manage only one problem at a time and uses an uncommon aggressive motivational methodology. But the modern UI and some aggressive feature might boost your productivity for a while.

On the first screen, you will be asked choose your gender (One man/woman), the task name (One mission) and the amount of time you have to solve everything. Then in "Nobody can do that shit all at once. Divide it into subgoals ", you should register several secondary tasks and then tap "BRING THE THUNDER". In the last registration screen, you can write two sentences: one of punishment and other motivational. They will be used during work time to help you not give up on solving the problem.


In the countdown screen, just tap "BOOM! DONE!" to mark each task as done. Depending on the time you still have the option "HARD WORK!" will be available to you to pause whose duration is calculated automatically by Get Shit Done!


  • Many motivational phrases
  • Manage tasks, time and breaks


  • Available in only english
  • Can manage only one project at a time

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