Imagination Technology Unveils New Chip Designs Promising 50% Better Performance

Revealed at CES 2014 , new designs of graphics chips revealed by Imagination Technologies ought to bring an unprecedented degree of fide...

Revealed at CES 2014, new designs of graphics chips revealed by Imagination Technologies ought to bring an unprecedented degree of fidelity to games for mobile systems. The new PowerVR Series6XE Rogue line serves as the foundation for low cost that can deliver 50% better performance than that seen in previous products. The Imagination Technologies is known for creating graphical tools and processors that serve as the basis for products built by other companies. The company acts as a leading segment in which it is important to get a great performance without adversely influencing energy consumption - factors which together determines the success of the company that competes with names like Intel, NVIDIA and ARM.


The new line of processors includes one that can be considered the lowest of the world graphics core platforms compatible with OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenCL. The product is aimed at both smartphones and tablets with modest hardware as the devices that can be worn (such as smart watches) and digital televisions that have to deal with memory constraints at the same time need to display images with competence.

The company offers the Series6XE products aimed at different markets, including low cost 4K TVs, tablets and digital television receivers. Only in 2013, the company sent its customers more than 1 billion chips, number they want to overcome with its new line of products for smartphones.


With the introduction of these new PowerVR Series6XE Rogue cores, Imagination is deepening its focus on cost-sensitive entry-level designs where silicon area, power consumption and bandwidth usage are critical concerns.
- Martin Ashton, the executive vice president of engineering at Imagination

The expectation is that the new products are able to run games with ease with the quality displayed by the video "The Chase", which you can check below.

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