Intel Unveils New Wearable Devices Including Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker

Intel's concept is clear enough - it should be smart. Thus, the company came out with its own line of wearable devices during the co...

Intel's concept is clear enough - it should be smart. Thus, the company came out with its own line of wearable devices during the conference of the CES 2014. “Wearables are not everywhere yet because it does not solve real problems and because they are not integrated into our lifestyle” said Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, in his presentation. They already stated their vision of RealSense with more simple, natural and immersive interaction with technology and now they have announced their wearable gadget to make way.


Smartwatch: Notifications With Location

One of the devices that have attracted most attention was a new smartwatch. Although it has very similar functionality to other devices of its kind currently on the market, the gadget brings an advantage considered crucial by Intel: the possibility to issue notifications based on the location where the user is.


There's even a practical example of the utility function - particularly worried parents about their children may know where their children are at all times, watching the way to school. Moreover, if the child be late for any reason, the smartwatch will issue a warning.

No other details were mentioned at the time. However, it is expected that new images and price perspectives arise sometime this year.

Wearable Biometric


In a bid to disrupt the fitness tracker industry, Intel announced smart earbuds - which has biometric and fitness capabilities - in the form of headphones (apparently) comfortable. The gadget is equipped with various sensors that constantly measures your heart rate by extracting energy from the entrance on your smartphone - which will feature a unique application. So all you need on your run is your mobile device with the app loaded onto it, and a pair of smart earbuds.



Intel also unveiled a smart wireless charging bowl - you can simply place your devices in the bowl and they start charging immediately. Just put a compatible gadget into the new bowl Intel to recharge the battery - no wires needed.

Edison – Making It All Possible

As mentioned earlier, Intel is not only interested in producing their own gadgets for you to hang on the ears or around the wrist. Indeed, in announcing the new Edison, the idea of Intel is that every company has the opportunity to develop wearable gadgets themselves - be as inventive or as a small business person.


This is a complete computer built on a proprietary technology from Intel, Quark. The proposal is precisely to help bring down initial barriers for individuals and small companies, so that they can create innovative and connected wearables, or even other forms of devices.

The SoC is much like a standard SD card, bringing wireless functionality and support for multiple operating systems. The Edison should arrive in mid 2014.

Gadgets With Human Senses

Finally, Intel also announced that it will add human way to their new lines of ultrabooks, laptops, two-in-ones and all-in-ones - plus a myriad of handheld devices. In general, the novelty of being part of a whole new family of hardware and software part.


The first product which was revealed is RealSense 3D camera. It is, for comparison, a proprietary approach than currently seen on devices like the Kinect - with image recognition and also sounds.

Intel also said that they are currently working in collaboration with Microsoft to bring more immersive video calls to Skype or Lync - adding the possibility of removing or changing the background during a video call, for example.

Source: Intel

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