Lenovo Expands Convertible Notebook Line With Miix 2, Yoga2, Flex 14D & 15D

CES 2014 is really hitting the technology world and Lenovo was yet another company to present a lo...

CES 2014 is really hitting the technology world and Lenovo was yet another company to present a lot of buzz. During the show, the Chinese manufacturer revealed four new models of computers that expand its portfolio of convertible notebooks and multimode, ie, that can be used in several different ways. They are the Miix 2, Yoga2, Flex 14D and Flex 15D laptops. The Miix 2 consisting models of 10 and 11 inches and its main attraction is the fact that the screen and keyboard are detachable, thus ensuring different modes of use - laptop, tablet and stand. Yoga 2 follows the same line as its predecessor, it is possible to rotate the screen at 360°, turning the device into a large tablet. What varies in relation to the first row Yoga are the settings and also the varying prices of the new models.


Flex 14D and Flex 15D models are based on the original Flex which is also convertible, offering users to use as laptop as well as stand. The difference is the configuration: the new releases can come with more powerful processors and AMD Radeon video cards.


Miix 2: More Power

This can be used as a tablet (screen detached) or as a laptop (with the keyboard attached) or stand in the way (screen facing 180°). Comes in two models, one with 10 and another with 11 inches, the first one comes with an Intel Atom processor while the later brings a 64-bit Intel Core i5 fourth generation processor.

The differences are also in storage capacity: the 10-inch model has eMMC storage of up to 128 GB, and 11-inch one brings 256GB SSD. In both, you will get 1900x1200 pixels FHD screen, WiFi connection, optional 3G and front and rear cameras of High Resolution.

Yoga 2: More Performance

With Intel Pentium Quad-Core, Yoga 2 promises more performance than its predecessor. It also has two models, one of 11 and another of 13 inches, with few variations between them: while the first one brings a 500GB HDD, the second has the same storage space on a SSHD.

Flex 14D & 15D: Multimode Option

The new Flex Lenovo machines bring new processors, depending on the choice of the buyer, there are versions with AMD A6 quad-core processor and AMD Radeon video card. Both machines rotate up to 180°, reaching Stand model.

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