Nokia Normandy Project To Bring Android Device May Still Be Alive

When the first news about Nokia Normandy appeared, it was hard not to think that it was merely a des...

When the first news about Nokia Normandy appeared, it was hard not to think that it was merely a design concept that never will see the light of day. That's because, with the purchase of the Finnish company, Nokia, by Microsoft, it was not difficult to reach the conclusion that the smartphone equipped with Android operating system would be disposed to prefer a product with the Windows Phone platform.


Messages posted on twitter followed by leaked images on social networks indicate that the device has not been killed by Microsoft.

However, a message posted by EVLeaks, the famous Twitter profile to obtain and disseminate accurate information about behind the scenes of the industry indicates that the gadget has not been fully abandoned. According to a Twitter update from EVLeaks, "The reports of Normandy's death have been greatly exaggerated."

Although this does not necessarily indicate that Microsoft would launch Android handset sometime in the future, the statement serves as evidence that we will have more information on the smartphone in the near future. Thus, it will not be strange if soon the internet is flooded with leaked images of the product, which may be accompanied by further details about the hardware that the gadget might accompany with.

Leaked image in Chinese site

To give strength to the statements of EVLeaks, a user of the Chinese social network Weibo posted a photo of what is identified as the prototype of Normandy. According WPDang, which is responsible for the leak, the device does not have the traditional identification of Nokia on the outside and runs a very customized version of Android, similar to what Amazon does with its devices.


In the picture you can see little more than the external shape of the device, since the icons corresponding to their applications appear completely blurred - the only conclusion that can be drawn from the screen of the device is that it will likely rely on Dual-SIM technology support. Rumors indicate that, if released, the gadget should not rely on access to Google Play Store, featuring a modest hardware that is very similar to what is seen in the Nokia Asha series.

Source: EVLeaks (Twitter)

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