Samsung Announced 5 New Camera With One Featuring 60x Optical Zoom

Samsung unveiled a new line of smart cameras in CES 2014 , with five models. They do not come equipped with Android, but have advanced f...

Samsung unveiled a new line of smart cameras in CES 2014, with five models. They do not come equipped with Android, but have advanced features and can be a good solution for those who are looking for an intermediate option to capture images. Still no release dates or even preview how should cost each device were revealed. These can be a good choice for consumers who do not want to buy really expansive and hard to use professional camera and also don’t want to end up in a pretty ordinary one either.


Check each of them now:


The highlight of the new line of cameras from Samsung is the WB2200F model. It brings sensor with Back-Side Illumination (BSI) technology, which enhances the captures taken in low light and has an amazing 60x optical zoom, meaning you can take detailed photos even at a long distance from your target. Moreover, this model has a focal length of 20 mm.


WiFi connectivity and NFC are some of the options present in WB2200F. HDMI output and SD card slot are part of the equipment as well as an LCD screen of 75mm and battery that promises to be long lasting. It is also able to shoot videos in Full HD (1080p).



An intermediate model of the new line of Samsung's new smart camera is WB1100F. It is lighter than the previous camera (462 grams against 608 grams), but only records video at 720p and does not have HDMI output. There still are BSI sensor and the optical zoom is smaller here which is 35x.



Apparently, the WB350F is a model very close to the Galaxy Camera devices. The basic difference between them is the lack of Android, but this has the same 21x optical zoom, captures images up to 16 megapixels, brings BSI sensor and a maximum ISO of 3200 - settings same as the Galaxy edition.

The LCD screen has the same 75 mm WB2200F the model but is not touch-sensitive. In addition, this device also features the same connectivity presented by the first model listed here.

WB35F and WB50F


The last two models in the new line are basically the same, with the WB35F is touted as "more kid-friendly" than WB50F. These are the simplest of the line, with only 12x optical zoom and features basically the same as the WB1100F. The fundamental difference between them is due to the support for micro SD (instead of SD) for storage.

Source: Samsung Camera

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