Samsung Displays Galaxy Gear & Note 3 Integration To Green Vehicles

Samsung seems to be investing in wave of environmentally friendly vehicles with the news that they ...

Samsung seems to be investing in wave of environmentally friendly vehicles with the news that they are showing in their booth at CES 2014, in Las Vegas, USA. Although there are no reasons to believe that the company has any plans to enter the automotive industry, the Korean manufacturer has brought the public resources that let you connect your Galaxy Gear and Note 3 to electric cars and bikes. Working in collaboration with BMW, Samsung will offer the i3 electric automobile owners the ability to control various aspects of your vehicle from smartwatch. These features can be used through BMW’s i Remote Application that is installed on a compatible smartphone.


Users will have access to popular functions, like checking the distance that the car might be able to go using the remaining battery, to see if the doors and windows are open or closed, adjust the temperature inside the car and even enter an address to start navigating by GPS.

And if you're the type who likes to exercise outdoors or prefer ecological means of transport which is cheaper than a BMW car, then you will be happy to know the partnership between Samsung and Trek Bicycle to create a new type of bike, which has been called the Trek Bike.

The prototype shown at CES allows you to connect a Galaxy Note 3 to a special fitting on the Bike. When pedaling, the connected device begins to be recharged, so that you yourself will be able to supply power to the unit. The bike also comes with sensors that can connect wirelessly to the gadget (or a smartwatch) to provide data on their speed and distance, among other things.

There is no date set for the launch of the application for the BMW i3 and the Trek Bike (whose prototype is far from being considered as final by Samsung), but both can be tested by those who visit the booth of the Korean company at CES.


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