Sony Core - A Tiny Gadget That Logs Everything You Do During The Day

Sony presented Core during a conference at CES 2014 , a small device that was considered as the lowe...

Sony presented Core during a conference at CES 2014, a small device that was considered as the lowest gadget ever released by the company. Although the presentation did not include all the potential of the product, but it was hinted that it will be a point of connection between devices and wearable technologies that will be launched by Sony.


The main integration would be with SmartBand, the bracelet also announced by Sony which is a companion of physical activities, such as Nike FuelBand. But the Core would be responsible not only for registering calories burned, number of steps and how long you ran: via Bluetooth connection, it would be able to keep all your everyday all day, tracking the pictures that you take, and storing other special experienced moments. This will be possible with the help of LifeLog, an Android app that will make the daily record.

Sony promises five days of battery for Core, since it is composed of three LEDs and a single button, and a vibration engine that alerts you when you receive calls and other notifications.

As you can see, the Core is still very vague but ambitious - and even Sony admitted this, stating that it works to establish partnerships with other companies to embed the gadget on various hardware. Still, it should be released in Europe in the first months of this year for about £320 plus a package of bracelets for about £60 for you to carry the little gadget out there.

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