State of Things Here at ABCTrick (AKA, We Are Back!)

After a long silence and absence, we at ABC Trick are finally back to provide you with amazing articles once again. Thanks for being patient and have faint in us.

It's happening. It's finally happening. The dead has been resurrected. Yes, after one and half years of absolute silence, and as more as three years of being in coma, we are finally back on our feet. I say we, but right now it will mostly be me. The rest of the members of the team (Rajib, Fariha and Farhan - namely) will write occasionally, but they won't be as active as they were once before. But still, we are alive and finally back. Yes our academic life isn't over yet (To be honest, it's way worse as we come closer to the end), but now we have found a way to continue blogging. For all of those who checked out our site on a regular basis to see if there’s any new activity or anything, we would like to thank you as you are the one’s who inspired us to start blogging once again. This site was all about passion, and it will continue to be with your help.


It's been almost two years since our last post has published and 3 years since regular activity. 3 years! That's a HUGE silence specially for a tech blog. A great many things has happened in these past 3 years. For instance, Android has introduced Lollipop and then Marshmallow, Windows ended support for the legendary Windows XP and pushed users toward Windows 10. Nanotechnology took a quantum leap towards the future. Oh, and how can I forget, Yahoo has been sold at 4.6 billion dollars to Verizon while they did reject the 40 (yes, FORTY) billion dollar accusation offer from Microsoft. Point made, it's been a long time. Let me just state our current position as of today:

  • Rajib is studying final year of his CSE major.
  • Farhan is now a full time businessmen running a computer shop.
  • Fariha, the doctor, is at the final year of her MBBS course.
  • And, I, Reyad, stuck on my Electronics and Communication Engineering course, still two more semesters to go.

We, the ABC Trick, were once a moderately popular blog. At one point in 2012, ABC Trick got more then 15k individual users daily. The graph has been down exponentially since then, as we were unable to blog after hazardous daily routine. But now we want to be back once again. Admittedly, things won't be as it were before, there will not be that many posts, however we will try to bring the most important bits for your ease.

Finally, how do you guys like our brand new redesign? If there's any suggestions or if you encounter a bug, don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

That's all for now. Hopefully you will start hearing from us very soon. Subscribe to our feed and follow us in social media to get all articles right the moment we publish.

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