The 5 Best Free AntiVirus Software of 2016 [Windows]

Antivirus software are one of the most important tool you need to install in your computer to be safe. While you will get the best protection from paid services, check out our list of five best free antivirus of 2016 to get started.

If your are reading this article, that there's a high chance that you browse around your way in internet quite frequently. There are a lot of untrusted sources that might contain harmful contents and having a good antivirus is your safest bet of defending yourself. Though best antivirus for a computer is user himself or herself. Yes, knowing where to roam around in the world of www and download files from trusted source is the best way malware and cybercriminals. That being said, an extra layer of protection can never hurt - hence comes antivirus programs.


There are a ton of reputable antivirus programs available and most of them works on trial basis. You have to pay (mostly annually) in order to keep using the antivirus and all its offered features. If you are out of cash to buy a complete and robust solution, rest assured, we here at ABC Trick will give you five best antivirus solution that you can use, for free. However, an important point should be taken into account that the free antivirus programs presented here are focused only to work on single machine. That is, they are catered for home use. If you have a business or a good amount of PCs, it is best to consider buying an antivirus.

Avast Free Antivirus 2016

When it comes to the world of free antivirus, Avast is one of the best candidate out there. Avast is well known in the market for a long while now and it is very effective at detecting and blocking suspicious and malicious programs as well as blocking malware and phishing tools that might appear in browser. Avast’s free solution is capable of running automatic scan on PC or notebook to check for security problems. Additionally, it’s also bundled with a password manager, a system cleaning tool, a outdated software updater and recovery disk. Ok, it’s not perfect, the system cleaning tool and the software updater is junk at the very least and if I am provided with the option, I will opt out of installing those.

Although you can use Avast Free Antivirus without paying, you need to register an account to use it (after 30 days). However, it should not be a problem, after all they are providing a free service. Another thing is, free version of Avast doesn’t comes with “Deep Scanning” feature which is really important if you want to detect threats prior to the antivirus installation. The real-time protect is available to contain the machine from new threats, but it doesn’t overcome the lack of deep scanning.



  • Comes from a trustworthy source.
  • The user interface is intuitive.
  • Completely free to use in a single PC.


  • Needs you to register an account to continue using free version.
  • Some of the screens doesn't match the new interface (leftover from old one).

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG is another antivirus solution that has been in the market for a long time and already earned it's name as one of the most popular and respected antivirus software company. This program serves as a tool for you to keep your computer protected against the action of various types of malware - including viruses, spyware, worms and trojans. The low hardware requirements are also one of the key feature of AVG.

The AVG antivirus is specially brilliant at detecting and protecting against phishing attacks. Moreover, it scans your PC to find any security problem very quickly. In fact, the real-time protection, which can be considered the main security module, does not cause the computer to become extremely slow or cause crashes. Thus, you do not need to disable it to use a heavier program.



  • The newest version has a lot of improvement over the previous one showing company's intention on making the free version better.
  • Real-time protection performance is excellent.
  • Free version also provides scheduled maintenance feature.


  • Bundles unnecessary toolbar with the installation file.

Panda Antivirus Free

Panda Antivirus solution may not be as popular as few others, but know that it is one of the best protection software out there, competing and doing really good against software company like AVG and Avast. According to the folks at PCMag, Panda managed to some better benchmark results than paid services from other competitors. In addition to simply keeping your computer away from malware, the program also has a functionality to real-time monitor and analyze all the processes that are running on the computer, and distinguishing those who have access to the internet and warning the user whenever some suspicious activity is found.

Besides antiphishing and antimalware tools, it performs monitoring processes, provides recovery disc and USB analysis. There are complete free options to protect and clean your computer problems, but the Panda Antivirus Free is an application that provides the necessary security for basic users.



  • Free and very lightweight application.
  • The interface is customizable to user's needs.
  • Provides additional tools to monitor processes and use devices.


  • The free version has several locked features.
  • The feature set is enough for basic protection, but it misses a few key advanced features.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is an interesting option because unlike the others, it is more discreet. Bitdefender runs entirely in the background and requires the modest amounts of configuration setup to get started, meaning it provides silent installation feature. So this can be a good start for a less tech-savvy person who doesn't want to go through a lot of checkboxes to use an antivirus.

Additionally, Bitdefender is a long time competitor in the market, and has a solid reputation. The application utilizes the power of the cloud hence it can be lighter then some of it's competitor.


  • Completely automated process from the installation to the protection.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Lightweight and doesn't consumes a lot of computer resources.
  • Lack of manual features can sometimes be problematic.
  • Lack of advanced configuration options.

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus

ZoneAlarm is perhaps the least known of all the solutions listed above. However, it offers tools that can be enough for your type of needs: a very strong firewall, the option of storing 5GB of cloud files, real-time monitoring and identity protection.

Unfortunately, the phishing protection of ZoneAlarm is not up to the mark, but it does notifies the user of sites and applications of suspicious behavior. In this way, you can judge whether it is valid access or use.


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