ABC Trick Design History & Changelog


[r2.0.2] [081316]

  • [change] Removed ad unit below post title.
  • [fixed] More bug fix.

[r2.0.1] [080516]

  • [fixed] Fixed facebook share description once and for all.
  • [fixed] Misc ui bug fix.

[r2.0] [080116]

  • Redesigned from starch. The site in now completely responsive and fully optimized.
  • Complete design overhaul.

[r1.3] [063016]

  • [fixed] Twitter share now uses summary_long_image style card.
  • [added] Twitter card tags.
  • [fixed] Open Graph description and image now accurate.
  • [change] Added baseline for upcoming design overhaul.

[r1.2] [110114]

  • [change] Redesigned header for better match.
  • [change] Margin on tag and share widget.
  • [change] Swiped position of header and Featured post.
  • [change] Base font and heading font family.
  • [remove] Main navigation bar.
  • [bugfix] Sticky navigation bar size.
  • [bugfix] Ordered-unordered list font size.
  • [bugfix] Related post title size.
  • [bugfix] Overall padding not matched.

[r1.1.3] [040114]

  • [change] Switched to blogger’s default comment widget.
  • [bugfix] Share button not working.
  • [remove] Gray scale follow widget.

[r1.1] [010114]

  • Final release.

[r1.0.4] [311213]

  • [bugfix] “Featured post” not loading.
  • [bugfix] Related post widget blocks loading.
  • [optimize] Related post javascript.

[r1.0.3] [291213]

  • [change] Switch to static “Featured post”.
  • [change] Changed font color and size.

[r1.0.2] [261213]

  • [optimize] Removed unused CSS.
  • [optimize] Under the hood optimization.

[r1.0.1] [211213]

  • [change] Change the footer style.
  • [optimize] CSS optimization.

[r1] [191213]

  • Initial release.
  • First full-responsive version.
  • Redesigned from scratch.

[V4.2.1] [170313]

  • Changed ordered and unordered list text color.

[V4.2] [140313]

  • Changed headline fonts.
  • Increased article body font for better readability.
  • Changed related post style.
  • Added right and left highlighted quote.
  • Changed Pullquote style.
  • Changed initial navigation color and pagination.

[V4.1.5] [270213]

  • Source code updated with compressed codes.

[V4.1.4] [210213]

  • Changed style for Trending Now widget.
  • Facebook likebox fixes.
  • Bug fixes.

[V4.1.3] [150213]

  • Added new Trending Now widget.

[V4.1.2] [090213]

  • Fixed article tag not displayed properly.
  • Changed search widget buttons.

[V4.1.11] [060213]

  • Reverted the avatar style back.

[V4.1.1] [050213]

  • Removed few advertisements.
  • Changed comment avatar style.
  • Changed H1-H6 tag style.
  • Added bottom search widget in footer.

[V4.1] [280113]

  • Increased page speed.
  • Updated JavaScript for better mobile rendering.
  • Added semi-responsive design for mobile.
  • Added new Pullquote in article pages to highlight points.
  • Added new modern navigation style.
  • Removed few third-party scripts.
  • Bug fixes based on user interaction.
  • Changed Featured posts, categorized posts, achieve page etc.
  • Added read more hack.
  • Re-designed the header menu only to work with PC browsers.

[V4] Final [110113]

  • Changed email subscription widget.
  • Changed search page.
  • Removed 2nd navigation bar.
  • Added new pagination style.
  • Switched comment system to Disqus.
  • Added nRelate related post widget.
  • Lot’s of bug fixes.

[V4] Beta [060113]

  • Updated source codes.
  • Changes headline fonts.
  • Added new navigation bar.
  • Changes related post widget.
  • Added new post widget.
  • Changed Featured Post widget style.
  • Other improvements.

[V4] Alpha – 1/1/2013

  • Initial release.

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