Black Holes Created in a Lab Proves the Theory of Stephen Hawking That Radiation 'Does' Escape From It

Black Hole is a region in space where the gravitational force is so strong that nothing can leave the region. 42 year ago, Stephen Hawking predicted that black holes shrink because they emit electromagnetic radiation. Since then, this prediction was nothing but a theory as the radiation is too weak to observe using the technologies available today. But as science evolves, the mysteries that involve black holes begin to be revealed. What Stephen Hawking hypostasized back in 1974, is confirmed after all these years. A survey published recently in Nature Physics confirmed the theory and showed that, in some way, it is possible to escape the from the black hole.

NASA's Chandra Adds to Black Hole Birth Announcement

Pokémon GO: Check Out the Best Pokémon to Attack and Defend Gyms

The story of Pokémon GO can be summed up as Veni, vidi, vici (I came; I saw; I conquered). Within days of it's release, the whole world seemed to became obsessed with it. However, the multiplayer interaction in Pokémon GO is very limited as of now. The only way people can interact with other in the world of Pokémon GO is via Gym (Lure Module doesn't provide a way of interaction, though it affects all nearby trainers). Defending and attacking gyms is something really cool and important Pokémon GO. Certainly there are still many other in game process you have to complete and many other crucial points that needs your attention, but Gym battle has many advantages that can not be ignored. If it's so important to go to gyms, what are the best tips them?


Pokémon GO Glossary: All the Terms You Need to Know Before Diving into Pokémon Go

If you grew up in the 90s and waited anxiously to see Pokémon on TV regularly, complete your very own sticker album of the game or even collected Tazos to compete others in school, certainly waited too long for this: becoming a real Pokémon master, something that is now possible with Pokémon GO. Developed by Niantic, this game brought an augmented reality experience that combines the addictive mix of Pokémon games with immersion to perform the game's actions in the real world. In other words, this is the most realistic way possible to capture the Pokémon right on our world. At this stage of the game, it's likely that most of our readers are already an expert in Pokémon GO. As the game became a real addiction in all over the world, it is difficult to find someone who has not downloaded the game immediately upon its release and became addicted to walk to and fro in search of the most powerful creatures.


But if you are just starting to have fun with the newest work of Niantic Labs, it is very likely to be a little confused about some terms and concepts of the game. After all, Pokémon GO is focused heavily for the people who considered themselves as hardcore fan of Pokémon and the game doesn't come with a decent enough explanation of it.

Thinking about it, we at ABC Trick have prepared a short glossary of key terms you need to know to be a successful trainer. Have a good time!

Pokémon GO Glossary

Battle: A Pokémon can battle against other teams Pokémon at a Gym to have a shot at claiming the Gym.

The Gym’s Prestige are lowered for each of the rivals Pokémon that has been defeated by you and potentially lowers the Gym’s level also. To claim a Gym for you team, you have to lower the Gym's prestige to zero.

Combat Power (CP): A unit of measurement that indicates the power level of a Pokémon. If your Pokémon has more CP than the opponent, there is a high chance that your Pokémon will win the battle.

Defender Bonus: Daily and random reward (as PokéCoins and Stardust) granted to the trainer who is currently defending a gym.

Eggs: Items found throughout the game (can be obtained for free from PokéStops as well as can be bought from the shop) and that, when hatched, give life to a new Pokémon. To hatch an egg, you must insert it into an incubator and then walk a specific distance.

Evolution: It's the process in which a Pokémon becomes a stronger version of itself, increasing its CP and changing appearance. To upgrade a Pokémon, you need to spend a specific amount of candy.

Candy: Item used to evolve and raise the level of your Pokémon. Each Pokémonworks exclusively with its own candy, which can be obtained by capturing the same Pokémon repeatedly as well as by selling the repeated Pokémon to Professor Willow.

Experience Points (XP): Unit of measurement that indicates your progress as a trainer in the game. You can gain experience by capturing and evolving Pokémon, defeating other players and claiming gyms, as weel as by other activity like hatching eggs, collecting from PokéStops. Upon reaching certain number of points, your character levels up.

Fainted Pokémon: Status granted to Pokémon that has lost all it's HP in battle. It can be reanimated with items such as Revive or Max Revive.

Gyms: Gyms are specific locations in Pokémon GO in which players can battle for claim the Gym, representing one of the three teams available (Valor, Instinct and Mystic).

Hit Points (HP): Unit that measures the health of a Pokémon. To defeat a Pokémon, you must cause enough damage using your own Pokémon so that the HP of rival Pokémon is reduced to zero.

Incense: Item that, when used, attracts wild Pokémon to your location, making it easy to capture. You can buy Incense Shop in for 80 PokéCoins. Each Incense lasts 30 minutes.

Incubator: Essential item to hatch Pokémon eggs. Once an incubator is incubating an Egg, you must walk through the distance specified by the egg for it to hatch.

Lure Module: Item that can be used by any trainer in a PokéStop. Once active, the module will increase the number of wild Pokémon appearing in the area. Unlike incense, however, a lure module benefits all players who are close to PokéStop where the lure module is used.

Lucky Egg: A Lucky Egg can double the number of XP you earn when performing any action. The item is only unlocked when you reach level 9 as a Pokémon Trainer and each lasts only 30 minutes.

Medals: Collectible trophies awarded to the player upon fulfilling certain achievement throughout the game. Medals have no practical effect on gameplay, serving only for purposes of collecting.

Pokeballs: Item used to capture wild Pokémon and add them to your collection of Instinct.Poké Balls can be acquired for free at PokéStops or purchased in store. It is important to note that there are different types of Pokeballs, each with its own level of capability (Normal, Great Balls, Ultra Balls and Master Balls).

PokéCoins: Currency used in the world of Pokémon GO. You can buy more PokéCoins with real money through a micro transactions system.

Pokédex: A virtual encyclopedia carried by all Pokémon Trainer. It contains information about all captured Pokémons as well as basic data of Pokémons that were seen, but were not captured.

PokéStop: Points of interest on the map where the trainer can get free items and use a Lure Module to increase the number of wild creatures around.

Potions: items used to regain health (ie HP) from one of your Pokémon.

Power-Up: The process in which a Pokémon gets stronger with greater CP and HP, but not necessarily evolve into another form. You must use Candy and Stardust to increase the level of a Pokémon.

Prestige: Equivalent to unit of experience points (XP) but that measures the progress of Gyms. To defend a gym of your team, you and your teammates have to gain more prestige and eventually level up, allowing more trainers on the same team to defend.

Razz Berry: Item that, when used against a wild Pokémon, makes it easier to capture. Especially useful for the times when you find a rare creature. You can not purchase Razz Berry in the shop, you must earn it throughout the adventure.

Stardust: Item used to increase the level of your Pokémon. It serves universally for all creatures and can be obtained by hatching eggs, capturing Pokémon and also from PokéStops.

Training: At friendly Gym, you can battle against a Pokémon put up by your teammates to increase your XP as well as to increase the prestige of the Gym .

Trainer: Nickname offered to Pokémon GO players. Trainers are those who catch wild Pokémon and domesticate them to battle against other Pokémon.

Wild Pokémon: A Pokemon that has not been captured by a trainer. You find them in Pokémon GO to simply by walking through in the real world.

The 5 Best Free AntiVirus Software of 2016 [Windows]

If your are reading this article, that there's a high chance that you browse around your way in internet quite frequently. There are a lot of untrusted sources that might contain harmful contents and having a good antivirus is your safest bet of defending yourself. Though best antivirus for a computer is user himself or herself. Yes, knowing where to roam around in the world of www and download files from trusted source is the best way malware and cybercriminals. That being said, an extra layer of protection can never hurt - hence comes antivirus programs.


There are a ton of reputable antivirus programs available and most of them works on trial basis. You have to pay (mostly annually) in order to keep using the antivirus and all its offered features. If you are out of cash to buy a complete and robust solution, rest assured, we here at ABC Trick will give you five best antivirus solution that you can use, for free. However, an important point should be taken into account that the free antivirus programs presented here are focused only to work on single machine. That is, they are catered for home use. If you have a business or a good amount of PCs, it is best to consider buying an antivirus.

State of Things Here at ABCTrick (AKA, We Are Back!)

It's happening. It's finally happening. The dead has been resurrected. Yes, after one and half years of absolute silence, and as more as three years of being in coma, we are finally back on our feet. I say we, but right now it will mostly be me. The rest of the members of the team (Rajib, Fariha and Farhan - namely) will write occasionally, but they won't be as active as they were once before. But still, we are alive and finally back. Yes our academic life isn't over yet (To be honest, it's way worse as we come closer to the end), but now we have found a way to continue blogging. For all of those who checked out our site on a regular basis to see if there’s any new activity or anything, we would like to thank you as you are the one’s who inspired us to start blogging once again. This site was all about passion, and it will continue to be with your help.


SmartBand: The Smart Bracelet From Sony That Logs Everything You Do

During an event of CES 2014, Sony unveiled a small device that can be the core of many wearable devices to come - not only those who are released by the company. The device, called Core, will rely on battery that lasts for five days and is even able to send notifications via vibrations (Read more about Sony Core). For now, the main product that uses the Core is SmartBand SWR10. It is a smart wristband that works as a physical activities assistant.As you might guess, the operation is very simple: you put the device in your wrist and it begins to collect related data about your physical efforts.


However, due to the Core, the SmartBand does more than compute calories burned in races, for example. The bracelet from Sony can record data throughout your daily routine, showing if you sleep well, identifying movements made and even media used within the last 24 hours.

Analysis: Why A Fresh System Goes Slow Overtime & How To Prevent It? [Windows]


If you are a regular PC user, the biggest question on your mind is “How to make my PC run faster?” – I am quite sure about that. That’s not an easy job at all as managing a faster system depends on many factors and failing on one will completely make no good. So, to get to know how to keep a new system fresh and fast or how to make a slower PC faster, you first need to know why the system goes slow overtime. There are real reasons behind this problem and we can’t pass the fact that whatever you do, your system is surly going to end up taking decade just to boot up. All that we can do is to keep that moment away for a further bit. In this article we will explain what are the major reasons of a slow system and sluggish PC and what basic things we can do to prevent it. So, let’s get started.

Everything You Need To Know Before Rooting And How To Root Your Android [Guide]


The Android operating system has been a huge success for the Google them,  there's no question about this. This single spark in the smartphone history has entirely antes the definition and fate of the smartphone world. Many hi-tech companies have adopted Google's operating system on their mobile products and yet many more devices are on the line to join this race regularly. From the all recent survey, Android is the most widely used operating system today and it also has the biggest number of fans all around the world. So why did Android was able to grab this huge amount of success in that short time? While some critics say that it's because Android got a big name 'Google' behind them and people put their trust on Android because of Google. While this might work one tiny small reason, I believe that android brought all the personalization and user control any people can imagine and this is the biggest power of Android revolution. And even after bringing a huge range of customization possibilities, there are tricks in Android can make it even more handy giving the user complete control over his device, let's say it even allows you to burn it from inside! Yes, we are talking about the root privileges, a small patch that turns any user to the god of his smartphone.

Sony Launches New Convertible Model Of The VAIO Line Called VAIO Fit 11A

During this year’s CES 2014, Sony took the opportunity to launch a new model of VAIO notebook, which should serve as the new flagship device of this line.The name of the new notebook is VAIO Fit 11A, and it continues to show the Flip feature of the company so you can use your device as a computer or as a tablet. As the name itself already indicated, the model has 11-inch screen size that can please the likely buyers of VAIO line - and weighs just over 1.2 kg. In addition, the machine is sold with PhotoShop Elements 12 and the new Windows 8.1 operating system.


Regarding the hardware, it was reported that the Fit 11A has 4 GB of RAM, Intel Pentium N3520 quad-core processor, 8-megapixel front camera, support for commands by gesture and also for the use of VAIO Active Pen. For now, no further information about the structure of the device is available.

Imagination Technology Unveils New Chip Designs Promising 50% Better Performance

Revealed at CES 2014, new designs of graphics chips revealed by Imagination Technologies ought to bring an unprecedented degree of fidelity to games for mobile systems. The new PowerVR Series6XE Rogue line serves as the foundation for low cost that can deliver 50% better performance than that seen in previous products. The Imagination Technologies is known for creating graphical tools and processors that serve as the basis for products built by other companies. The company acts as a leading segment in which it is important to get a great performance without adversely influencing energy consumption - factors which together determines the success of the company that competes with names like Intel, NVIDIA and ARM.


The new line of processors includes one that can be considered the lowest of the world graphics core platforms compatible with OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenCL. The product is aimed at both smartphones and tablets with modest hardware as the devices that can be worn (such as smart watches) and digital televisions that have to deal with memory constraints at the same time need to display images with competence.

Nuance Announces Dragon Assistant–An Intelligent Voice Assistant For PCs

During CES 2014, Nuance announced partnerships with many manufacturers of PCs and tablets to bring your Dragon Assistant technology for future devices, which may then rely on capabilities of continuous voice tracking. The software is designed to work with two personalities: American Female and British Butler. Initially, the intelligent voice assistant can navigate to Twitter and Facebook, tweets or post status updates, play music and do web searches and launch applications. The Dragon Assistant will require internet connection for almost all tasks and will provide users with a particular set of voice commands. In the future, the software can learn your preferences and frequently used commands.


Together with Intel, we are changing the way people experience their devices, starting a whole new conversation. This latest version of Dragon Assistant is transformative. People can have an interactive dialogue that is natural and intuitive, with a voice assistant that listens and understands the context of conversation – just as you would expect from a personal assistant powered by Nuance and Intel.
- Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile

Samsung Displays Galaxy Gear & Note 3 Integration To Green Vehicles

Samsung seems to be investing in wave of environmentally friendly vehicles with the news that they are showing in their booth at CES 2014, in Las Vegas, USA. Although there are no reasons to believe that the company has any plans to enter the automotive industry, the Korean manufacturer has brought the public resources that let you connect your Galaxy Gear and Note 3 to electric cars and bikes. Working in collaboration with BMW, Samsung will offer the i3 electric automobile owners the ability to control various aspects of your vehicle from smartwatch. These features can be used through BMW’s i Remote Application that is installed on a compatible smartphone.


Users will have access to popular functions, like checking the distance that the car might be able to go using the remaining battery, to see if the doors and windows are open or closed, adjust the temperature inside the car and even enter an address to start navigating by GPS.

Intel Unveils New Wearable Devices Including Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker

Intel's concept is clear enough - it should be smart. Thus, the company came out with its own line of wearable devices during the conference of the CES 2014. “Wearables are not everywhere yet because it does not solve real problems and because they are not integrated into our lifestyle” said Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, in his presentation. They already stated their vision of RealSense with more simple, natural and immersive interaction with technology and now they have announced their wearable gadget to make way.


Smartwatch: Notifications With Location

One of the devices that have attracted most attention was a new smartwatch. Although it has very similar functionality to other devices of its kind currently on the market, the gadget brings an advantage considered crucial by Intel: the possibility to issue notifications based on the location where the user is.

Gigabyte Launches A Thin Yet Powerful Gaming Laptop–the Aorus X7

Razer may be among the pioneers in the idea of ​​squeezing the gaming laptops to make them fit into small spaces, but Gigabyte is willing to try to raise the challenge to a new level. The company recently announced the Aorus X7 handset with a 2.29 cm thickness which is the flagship product of the company's new brand new line for gaming PCs, with very powerful specs. The new 17.3-inch computer has two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M GPUs with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor-4700HQ. Moreover, it comes with 32 GB of RAM, a pair of SSDs totaling 521 GB and 1 TB hard drive. To cool all this, the device comes with two coolers, four openings for air intake and five thermal pipes.


Regarding connectivity, the machine comes with dual HDMI, one Mini DisplayPort and VGA connector that lets you connect up to three additional monitors to the laptop screen, which has resolution of 1080p. Among the features are more focused on games, dedicated buttons to macros on backlit keyboard, a wireless card of 802.11ac network and a Killer LAN chip is also there. Nothing was disclosed about the battery life, which should not be that long.

Sony Announces A500 Mirrorless Camera With 20.1 Megapixel Sensor

Sony is showing its new mirrorless camera - compact interchangeable lens - at CES 2014 which follows NEX-3 series line. The A5000 model brings new APS-C sensor of 20.1 megapixels and WiFi connectivity and NFC to quickly share pictures and videos. The camera provides excellent image quality in a small, lightweight and without many physical controls in the panel of the product. The LCD screen rotates up to 180 ᵒ to make self-portraits more easily, and the model also records video in 1080p resolution in 60i, 30p and 24p patterns.


The A5000 also has a micro USB port, which serves to recharge the battery, and an HDMI output (with support for images in 4K resolution) for photographers who want to view their pictures in high definition on a computer or on a TV.