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Jan 9, 2014

SmartBand: The Smart Bracelet From Sony That Logs Everything You Do

During an event of CES 2014, Sony unveiled a small device that can be the core of many wearable devices to come - not only those who are released by the company. The device, called Core, will rely on battery that lasts for five days and is even able to send notifications via vibrations (Read more about Sony Core). For now, the main product that uses the Core is SmartBand SWR10. It is a smart wristband that works as a physical activities assistant.As you might guess, the operation is very simple: you put the device in your wrist and it begins to collect related data about your physical efforts.


However, due to the Core, the SmartBand does more than compute calories burned in races, for example. The bracelet from Sony can record data throughout your daily routine, showing if you sleep well, identifying movements made and even media used within the last 24 hours.

Sony Launches New Convertible Model Of The VAIO Line Called VAIO Fit 11A

During this year’s CES 2014, Sony took the opportunity to launch a new model of VAIO notebook, which should serve as the new flagship device of this line.The name of the new notebook is VAIO Fit 11A, and it continues to show the Flip feature of the company so you can use your device as a computer or as a tablet. As the name itself already indicated, the model has 11-inch screen size that can please the likely buyers of VAIO line - and weighs just over 1.2 kg. In addition, the machine is sold with PhotoShop Elements 12 and the new Windows 8.1 operating system.


Regarding the hardware, it was reported that the Fit 11A has 4 GB of RAM, Intel Pentium N3520 quad-core processor, 8-megapixel front camera, support for commands by gesture and also for the use of VAIO Active Pen. For now, no further information about the structure of the device is available.

Imagination Technology Unveils New Chip Designs Promising 50% Better Performance

Revealed at CES 2014, new designs of graphics chips revealed by Imagination Technologies ought to bring an unprecedented degree of fidelity to games for mobile systems. The new PowerVR Series6XE Rogue line serves as the foundation for low cost that can deliver 50% better performance than that seen in previous products. The Imagination Technologies is known for creating graphical tools and processors that serve as the basis for products built by other companies. The company acts as a leading segment in which it is important to get a great performance without adversely influencing energy consumption - factors which together determines the success of the company that competes with names like Intel, NVIDIA and ARM.


The new line of processors includes one that can be considered the lowest of the world graphics core platforms compatible with OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenCL. The product is aimed at both smartphones and tablets with modest hardware as the devices that can be worn (such as smart watches) and digital televisions that have to deal with memory constraints at the same time need to display images with competence.

Nuance Announces Dragon Assistant–An Intelligent Voice Assistant For PCs

During CES 2014, Nuance announced partnerships with many manufacturers of PCs and tablets to bring your Dragon Assistant technology for future devices, which may then rely on capabilities of continuous voice tracking. The software is designed to work with two personalities: American Female and British Butler. Initially, the intelligent voice assistant can navigate to Twitter and Facebook, tweets or post status updates, play music and do web searches and launch applications. The Dragon Assistant will require internet connection for almost all tasks and will provide users with a particular set of voice commands. In the future, the software can learn your preferences and frequently used commands.


Together with Intel, we are changing the way people experience their devices, starting a whole new conversation. This latest version of Dragon Assistant is transformative. People can have an interactive dialogue that is natural and intuitive, with a voice assistant that listens and understands the context of conversation – just as you would expect from a personal assistant powered by Nuance and Intel.
- Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile

Samsung Displays Galaxy Gear & Note 3 Integration To Green Vehicles

Samsung seems to be investing in wave of environmentally friendly vehicles with the news that they are showing in their booth at CES 2014, in Las Vegas, USA. Although there are no reasons to believe that the company has any plans to enter the automotive industry, the Korean manufacturer has brought the public resources that let you connect your Galaxy Gear and Note 3 to electric cars and bikes. Working in collaboration with BMW, Samsung will offer the i3 electric automobile owners the ability to control various aspects of your vehicle from smartwatch. These features can be used through BMW’s i Remote Application that is installed on a compatible smartphone.


Users will have access to popular functions, like checking the distance that the car might be able to go using the remaining battery, to see if the doors and windows are open or closed, adjust the temperature inside the car and even enter an address to start navigating by GPS.

Jan 8, 2014

Intel Unveils New Wearable Devices Including Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker

Intel's concept is clear enough - it should be smart. Thus, the company came out with its own line of wearable devices during the conference of the CES 2014. “Wearables are not everywhere yet because it does not solve real problems and because they are not integrated into our lifestyle” said Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, in his presentation. They already stated their vision of RealSense with more simple, natural and immersive interaction with technology and now they have announced their wearable gadget to make way.


Smartwatch: Notifications With Location

One of the devices that have attracted most attention was a new smartwatch. Although it has very similar functionality to other devices of its kind currently on the market, the gadget brings an advantage considered crucial by Intel: the possibility to issue notifications based on the location where the user is.

Gigabyte Launches A Thin Yet Powerful Gaming Laptop–the Aorus X7

Razer may be among the pioneers in the idea of ​​squeezing the gaming laptops to make them fit into small spaces, but Gigabyte is willing to try to raise the challenge to a new level. The company recently announced the Aorus X7 handset with a 2.29 cm thickness which is the flagship product of the company's new brand new line for gaming PCs, with very powerful specs. The new 17.3-inch computer has two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M GPUs with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor-4700HQ. Moreover, it comes with 32 GB of RAM, a pair of SSDs totaling 521 GB and 1 TB hard drive. To cool all this, the device comes with two coolers, four openings for air intake and five thermal pipes.


Regarding connectivity, the machine comes with dual HDMI, one Mini DisplayPort and VGA connector that lets you connect up to three additional monitors to the laptop screen, which has resolution of 1080p. Among the features are more focused on games, dedicated buttons to macros on backlit keyboard, a wireless card of 802.11ac network and a Killer LAN chip is also there. Nothing was disclosed about the battery life, which should not be that long.

Sony Announces A500 Mirrorless Camera With 20.1 Megapixel Sensor

Sony is showing its new mirrorless camera - compact interchangeable lens - at CES 2014 which follows NEX-3 series line. The A5000 model brings new APS-C sensor of 20.1 megapixels and WiFi connectivity and NFC to quickly share pictures and videos. The camera provides excellent image quality in a small, lightweight and without many physical controls in the panel of the product. The LCD screen rotates up to 180 ᵒ to make self-portraits more easily, and the model also records video in 1080p resolution in 60i, 30p and 24p patterns.


The A5000 also has a micro USB port, which serves to recharge the battery, and an HDMI output (with support for images in 4K resolution) for photographers who want to view their pictures in high definition on a computer or on a TV.

Lenovo Announces S930 Smartphone With 6 Inches Display

Lenovo has confirmed the launch of the S930 smartphone this week during CES 2014.The product, which has 6-inch screen, is immediately available in the markets where the Chinese company already has there market and sells their other devices. The S930 has a quad-core 1.3 GHz MediaTek 6582 processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage space, expandable with micro SD card. The screen resolution is 1280x720 pixels and there is support for up to two chips.


With 3,000 mAh battery, the S930 brings the Android 4.2 out of the box. According to information from Lenovo, the product price to the consumer will be about $319. Specifications below.

Gigabyte BRIX Pro Steam Machine Is Announced At CES 2014

CES 2014 is in full swing with many many mind-blowing announcements and concepts. Among many other innovations, there are the Steam Machines and several manufacturers are advertising there gadgets for the operating system from Valve. One is the Gigabyte, which brought the BRIX Pro, a compact computer, but very powerful. The machine is powered by an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 fourth generation processor and Iris Pro 5200 graphics accelerator, and it has 64 MB of eDRAM memory integrated on the chip to ensure maximum performance in games as well as to allow playback of images with 4K resolution. The total system memory is 8 GB and standard storage is 1 TB.


The machine is customizable, ie, although remarkably compact, it accepts the addition of memory cards and mSATA SSD.

Crystal Cove–New Augmented Reality Glasses Of Oculus

If you follow the news related to the gamer world, should remember the Rift glasses. The unit is facing an augmented reality concept – with the goal to get you to come closer to the stories of the games and have a completely different experience to have fun. The initial project is already very promising and made a lot of people interested with the prospect of a pair of augmented reality glasses that really worked. It turns out that the Oculus, the company behind Rift, is still searching for progress and improving their own product.


Because of this, at CES 2014, the company unveiled the prototype of Crystal Cove, which is a kind of evolution and successor of Rift. One major difference is the fact that the screen rely on OLED technology, so that latency is lower, reducing the image blur, a characteristic that was a deal breaker to some people.

Samsung Announced 5 New Camera With One Featuring 60x Optical Zoom

Samsung unveiled a new line of smart cameras in CES 2014, with five models. They do not come equipped with Android, but have advanced features and can be a good solution for those who are looking for an intermediate option to capture images. Still no release dates or even preview how should cost each device were revealed. These can be a good choice for consumers who do not want to buy really expansive and hard to use professional camera and also don’t want to end up in a pretty ordinary one either.


Check each of them now:

RealSense–The Line From Intel That Could Become More Natural Technology

Chances are that you've seen futuristic movies where the technology is in every piece of clothing and is really easy to use, with hand gestures as commands or just by sensors reading your retina movement. There are several productions that could be used as examples, but in the reality, it is somewhat unrealistic, is not it?


For it happens that Intel believes this can all be achieved with a series of continuous progress and is betting that part of its efforts, giving rise to what is called RealSense. This news is nothing more than a new line of software and hardware systems with a common goal: to make technology more natural.

Lenovo Expands Convertible Notebook Line With Miix 2, Yoga2, Flex 14D & 15D

CES 2014 is really hitting the technology world and Lenovo was yet another company to present a lot of buzz. During the show, the Chinese manufacturer revealed four new models of computers that expand its portfolio of convertible notebooks and multimode, ie, that can be used in several different ways. They are the Miix 2, Yoga2, Flex 14D and Flex 15D laptops. The Miix 2 consisting models of 10 and 11 inches and its main attraction is the fact that the screen and keyboard are detachable, thus ensuring different modes of use - laptop, tablet and stand. Yoga 2 follows the same line as its predecessor, it is possible to rotate the screen at 360°, turning the device into a large tablet. What varies in relation to the first row Yoga are the settings and also the varying prices of the new models.


Flex 14D and Flex 15D models are based on the original Flex which is also convertible, offering users to use as laptop as well as stand. The difference is the configuration: the new releases can come with more powerful processors and AMD Radeon video cards.

Polaroid Announces Yet Another Camera At CES 2014

After showing the Socialmetic to the world, Polaroid have decided to reveal yet another camera during the event of CES 2014. Now it's time for the world to know about the C3. Suitable for the busiest times, such as sports competitions, the Polaroid C3 camera has a tiny small size and cute design - a small cube of 35 mm, with a lens that can capture up to 120 degrees of the environment.


The C3 is a waterproof camera (supports up to 2 meters depth), with no support for WiFi connection, a micro SD card reader is necessary to transfer your photos and videos to a computer.