Crystal Cove–New Augmented Reality Glasses Of Oculus

If you follow the news related to the gamer world, should remember the Rift glasses. The unit is fac...

If you follow the news related to the gamer world, should remember the Rift glasses. The unit is facing an augmented reality concept – with the goal to get you to come closer to the stories of the games and have a completely different experience to have fun. The initial project is already very promising and made a lot of people interested with the prospect of a pair of augmented reality glasses that really worked. It turns out that the Oculus, the company behind Rift, is still searching for progress and improving their own product.


Because of this, at CES 2014, the company unveiled the prototype of Crystal Cove, which is a kind of evolution and successor of Rift. One major difference is the fact that the screen rely on OLED technology, so that latency is lower, reducing the image blur, a characteristic that was a deal breaker to some people.

Another highlight is the fact that the Crystal Cove uses a series of infrared points to set the player's position within the virtual environment. With this, you can crouch, lift and deflect blows with greater potential than the previous product version of Oculus, and improve the balance accuracy of the person while he plays.

However, according to the project leaders, the amazing thing is that the OLED screen chosen for new glasses is of low persistence. In a brief and simple explanation, it is as if the display stay flashing images of the game in question instead of passing them continuously, as in current movies.

Yet More To Come

It turns out that your brain is able to fill the gaps, creating small parts missing in action sequence. Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, said that this type of technology makes a tremendous difference and greatly enhances the experience of augmented reality.

Of course we have yet to confirm that these improvements made from the Rift are really effective or if they take reality to another level, but this news is very promising. More information about the project will be further disseminated at CES 2014, so that you can stay connected in ABC Trick to know a little more about Crystal Cove.

Source: TheVerge

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