Instagiffer: Easily Create GIF Animation Directly From YouTube Or Local Videos [Windows]

Instagiffer is an application for Windows that allows you to create animated GIFs from videos store...

Instagiffer is an application for Windows that allows you to create animated GIFs from videos stored on your computer or directly from YouTube (without downloading). The program provides simple tools for you to create GIFs from any video available on the web or on your PC. Choose framerate, start point, duration and get the best and funniest animations.


Instagiffer is a lightweight program which consumes a little RAM and takes up very little space on the HD that enables you to create GIFs quickly and easily. Through the application you can convert video snippets animations.

The result of GIFs created by the program is very good, but it is worth noting that the quality is the same videos that served as source. Therefore, if you create a GIF from a low resolution video, you should not expect that the animation will be high quality.

Instagiffer’s main objective is to make the process of creating a GIF really easy. Thus, the application provides simple tools for you to produce them without difficulty.


First, you should browse for a video to your PC or paste a YouTube video URL. Once the content is loaded, you can navigate frames (via the two buttons next to the video) or add the hour, minute, second and millisecond accurate for the beginning.

Instagiffer-Easily-Create-GIF-Animation-Directly-From-YouTube-Or-Local-Videos-[Windows]-(4) Instagiffer-Easily-Create-GIF-Animation-Directly-From-YouTube-Or-Local-Videos-[Windows]-(2)

Then add the length of GIF and make various adjustments, such as brightness, quality, frame size, effects, and more. When everything is ready, just click "Create GIF!" to generate GIF file. Once done, it will start playing automatically and be saved in Desktop as insta.gif.

Download Instagiffer for Windows

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