NASA and LEGO Arranges Contest For The Designing & Building Aircraft [News]

Two big international names, NASA and LEGO, gathered in a contest that aims to select the best aircr...

Two big international names, NASA and LEGO, gathered in a contest that aims to select the best aircraft made with LEGO parts. According to NASA, the idea is to inspire future generations of aerospace engineers. Registration for the contest will continue until the 31st of July, and the work will be judged by professionals from NASA and LEGO, and the winners will be announced on the 1st September. Participants can enroll in two different categories:


Students of all ages can participate and create prototypes with innovative design for spacecraft. Check out more information below.

Inventing our Future of Flight

In this category, participants will have to design and build prototypes of spaceships, thinking in new technologies from NASA, including current studies regarding the best use of fuel, reduced emissions and noise of equipment.

Competitors in this category may use physical pieces of LEGO or software that allows to work at any computer. In addition, one must submit a written project, which should explain how the author used the studies of NASA and how it can contribute to the agency.


You can enroll in two groups: the first, which is restricted to people aged between 13 and 18 years, and in the second, open to participants of any age above 13 years. The winners will be awarded a trophy and a custom LEGO selection of NASA collectibles.

Imagine our Future Beyond Earth

The participants of this challenge should design a aircraft with little pieces of LEGO. This should be able to fly in normal environments and also in space. In this case, airplanes, helicopters, rockets, spacecraft, satellites and similar ones can be designed. The aircraft design can be based on current standards or new standards created by the participant.


In this second category, people can participate in over 16 years and the winner will receive a set of LEGO made by an exclusive design of the company, plus a selection of collectibles NASA. There will also be an award for the runner-up. To read all the contest rules and the necessary links to make your application, click here.


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