QQ Browser v 1.60 S60v3 English

Features : > Enhance the speed and performance. > Upgrade QQ browser and the server will respond to your request faster,relative...

Features :
> Enhance the speed and performance.
> Upgrade QQ browser and the server will respond to your request faster,relative to the speed upgrade will make your old surprise.

> Online is more fun Just take some time,you can play QQ games,read news,look at function,send and receive mail,or management of bank accounts.
> Enhanced shortcut keys style To provide enhanced QQBrowser,"flip around" two sets of style shortcuts so that users can use different custom setting very easy.
> Longer time-line Unique energy saving,high-compression techniques to save you more power,flow,so you get more online time.
> Rich the internet services.Internet web site contains not only more but also to upgrade the WWW conversion engine Skeeter,to provide you with more professional Internet services.
> Design your own skin The new skin editor,no longer limited to only select the default skin,together participate in the design of your skin!
> Web preview has become yet better.Upgrading Krill rendering engine,even the most complex web mapping,the effect of rendering pages with the effect of designers we can be.
> Use the auxiliary function HTTP,Web navigation,traffic statistics,full screen browsing,intelligent input and other auxiliary functions for mobile Internet easier to use.
> Client-side rendering engine : Krill QQ browser rendering engine to provide the driving force that is responsible for display graphics,rendering the font,adjust the page layout,and provided for the upper interface to support a variety of interactive details.Krill has advanced rendering techniques,even if the requirements are too stringent to run complex web pages,still show extremely fast performance.QQ browser integrated the new version 1.0 Krill,the speed of rendering pages with the old version has been greatly improved.
> WWW conversion engine : Skeeter small panels Skeeter is the WWW rendering engine,to provide access to WWW browser QQ web services.
Skeeter provided is not a scaled-down mobile version of the original page,it will in the core content of WWW pages selected at the same time adjust the page layout to accommodate the mobile screen display that allows you to enjoy the best mobile phone to read the WWW pages.Regardless of the access method,Skeeter provide you with the most stable access.

Updates :
> Name officially changed to "Mobile QQ browser",and use the beautiful new Logo.

New :
> Enhanced integration of
the farm QQ.
> Manually check for updates.
> More professional WEB Service.
> Interesting online activities.
> Functional improvement.
> Reduce network error.
> Optimization of the start page update mechanism.
> Landscaping bookmarks,history interface.
> Optimization of the default action style.

Bug Fixes :
> Fixed a few pages to open the wrong bug.
> Wifi access point bug correction.
> Several bug correction Download Manager.
> Several amendments to the bug page shows the abnormal.
Change Log : {31-12-2010}
(1) The optimized network and the page type setting,join the province current capacity pattern (filtration background picture,CSS and so on).
(2) Remembers the password: Support homepage many account password management,but is inputting the frame to delete freely.
(3) Dodges the screen: The support holiday dodges the screen regards.
(4) Increases supports the https website visit,but visits Internet's https website freely.

Solves The Problem:
(1) QQ news box password frame's input method question.
(2) Part of website type setting question (including everybody net,happy net's page type setting).

QQ Browser v 1.60 Build 0799 S60v3 English.sis

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