Java Collection-4 : Java File Manager Ins And Outs

P reviously I have written about “ Java Internet Browser ” and “ Java Instant Messenger ”. This is the third post where I am giving to an ...


Previously I have written about “Java Internet Browser” and “Java Instant Messenger”. This is the third post where I am giving to an option to choose the best file manager for your Java phone. So let's start.


What is A File Manager?

A file manager or file browser is a program that provides a user interface to work with file systems. The most common operations performed on files or groups of files are: create, open, edit, view, print, play, rename, move, copy, delete, search/find, and modify attributes, properties and permissions. Files are typically displayed in a hierarchy. Some file managers contain features inspired by web browsers, including forward and back navigational buttons.

Some file managers provide network connectivity via protocols, such as FTP, NFS, SMB or WebDAV. This is achieved by allowing the user to browse for a file server (connecting and accessing the server's file system like a local file system) or by providing its own full client implementations for file server protocols.


Why Do I Need A File Manager For My Phone?

Sometimes you might want to copy/cut/paste multiple files. You will find it difficult to do directly via your phone. Or what if you what to hide a file (or folder) or make it read/write protected. Most of the java phones don’t provide such option.

By using a File Manager, you can do such action clearly and easily. Again a Java phone do not support Compressing (Or Decompressing) a file. But you can do it easily by a File Manager, You can also share your files, manage Bluetooth Connections, preview Pictures, play Audio Files or watch a movie clip. Some file manager also support editing Pictures, Text/Hex editing, Reading News and PDF file even Download Manager Too.


Ok…… Now let’s get introduced with some Java File Managers :-




BlueFTP is one of the Most Popular Java File Manager. The greatest thing of this File Manager is “Ease Of Use”. It’s to easy to understand that even an average user can also understand its features. It has the coolest User Interface among the Others. It works on almost all Phone with MIDP 2.0 and CDLC 1.1 support (That means it will also run in a medium end phone, sometimes on low end phone too.) You can Compress/Decompress file with it. BlueFTP supports .zip, .nth, .jar, .thm and .tar file.

Besides, i t have a separate tab to manage all of your Bluetooth Connections. You can share files via Bluetooth using this. Even you can cut/copy/paste your friend’s mobile content with this.

But the worst thing is, it doesn’t support text editing. Though you can open a file as Text/Hex but you cannot be able to edit it.

Check Below To Download:-




If You ask me to recommend you a file manager, then I am surly going to mention the name of “MiniCommander”. This is the best java file manager I have ever found. It’s also lite in size (234 KB). It provides you a lot of features like editing text files, all standard file operation, Supports adding file to ZIP archives, also renaming and deleting files inside ZIP archives, FTP Client, Managing files over Bluetooth, Creating jad from a jar file, Unique Two Panel display to make your operation easier, Easy to use shortcuts and also Media Player, Choosing File Types to Open as Compressed File or Text File or Media File. Don’t get fool of its UI, it’s the best one I got.

Check Below To Download:-




UniFM perhaps the most powerful file manger for java, but it might not support low end phones. You can view, copy, move and delete files and folders on your phone. Also can hide or protect them. It allows to to open compressed files. Eventually, it supports decompressing .rar files too.

The main features UniFM compared to other file manager - a modular structure. In other words, the user can decide what kind of functionality required, in accordance with their needs to select components
Files in UniFM unique transparent implementation of interactive systems, but also as a module basis. For the user's file is the normal from the file system folder that distinction. Inside the file, you can do in general
Copy, move, rename and delete files, view and edit text, play music, etc. In addition, support for nested files.

Check Below To Download:-




XploreME! is another cool file manger for java. I like it’s interface. So well detailed, so nicely decorated. Its totally different from other java file managers in every aspects. In Fact, its not only a file manager, it’s a power tool. XploreME! contains tools like file browser and manager, picture viewer, advanced media player (video/audio), text reader, audio recorder, stopper, alarm/sleep clock, RSS reader, score table  manager, virtual dice.

Isn’t it provides a lot of unique features?  Just try it. Its still in beta stage so you may feel some bugs. Hope the developer will fix it in the upcoming versions.

Check Below To Download:-




Well, though this is a truly unique file manager, but you might feel it dull for its boring interface and hard to navigate menu. If you are armature, then you might also blame me ( :P ) for providing such an application. But I will suggest to look beyond average, it’s the only java file manager to mp3 files into wma files. It also support tar, tar.gz, rar, zip and jar archives. And it has a download manager too! So why not you try this and discover other features?

Check Below To Download:-




Enhance File Manager or Unzip or Explorer, No matter what its called, this is the last one I got lol. Though it’s interface is terribly poor, but it will help modders a lot. The best thing is it provide access to rms backup files, the creation of its Projects, import and export, history, access to the phone. your phone book, Hex-editor and much more. The actual file was in Chinese and here I am sharing the English Translated version for you.

Check Below To Download:-


Hope This Will Be Useful For You. If You Know More, Then Please Share Here. Also Report If You Find Any Error.


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