Android Collection-10 : Google Apps Final Part

A s you have seen, i already shared 10 Google Official Apps for Android in 2 segments. Here the third and final part of that topic and now...


As you have seen, i already shared 10 Google Official Apps for Android in 2 segments. Here the third and final part of that topic and now I am talking about 4 more apps. Hope you have enjoyed Google Apps part. You can check all topics under “Android Collection” here.

Android Collection series will end soon after File Manager and Email apps discussion. Hope you are enjoying this series.



1. Blogger

Blogger For Android (1)Blogger For Android (2)

Blogger is and official tool for android to publish blogger/blogspot posts right from your phone. So Start blogging on the go with the official Blogger app! Experience the official version of the Blogger app.

You can easily publish posts with pictures, labels and location information. Also, you can view the list of posts and if you have multiple accounts or blogs, you can easily switch between them. Blogging on the go is made easy with the Blogger app.



2.Street View on Google Maps

Street View on Google Maps For Andoroid (2)Street View on Google Maps For Andoroid (1)

Though users can use an app like Google Earth to explore the entire world from above, with Street View users get right down in the middle of it. Google Street View allows users to visit streets from all over the world and check out the sites from his Android Phone. Or even just get an impression of the residential area of where you plan to move or where your friends live or even where your going to take your next holiday.

With Street View on Google Maps, explore the world at street level. New! Street View smart navigation -- move around by dragging "Pegman" where you want to go. Try Street View on Google Maps to view street-level imagery from your phone. To use Street View, open Google Maps, search for a place or long-press the map, and tap the Street View option.



3. Google Goggles

Google Goggles For Android (2)Google Goggles For Android (3)

Search the real world by taking a picture. Goggles uses image recognition technology to recognize objects and return relevant search results. Identifies products, famous landmarks, storefronts, artwork, and popular images found online. Goggles can translate words in English, French, Italian, German & Spanish. Goggles can extract contact information from business cards.

Google Goggles can be used in a few different situations. For example it can be used to scan a text and then translate it into another language. But probably its most useful feature is the ability to the user to scan where they are and the Google Goggles will give you information on places nearby. Or users can simply scan art, books or wine and it will give users information on the scanned object.


Watch The Video Below




4. Google Voice

Google Voice For Andorid1Google Voice For Andorid

Make cheap international calls with your Google number. Send free text messages.

Place calls and send text messages showing your Google number. Listen to voicemail and read transcripts. Currently only available in the US.

Voice control has come into fashion with Google Voice. Users can dictate numbers into their phone to make a phone call, or dictate a text message or make a Google Search. An increasing number of outside developers of started integrate their apps with this voice control from Google. Never before has speech recognition worked with such a low error rate as it does with Google Voice.

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