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H acking is one of the major troubles that the internet users face these days. Though there are many methods of prevention of hacking, the...


Hacking is one of the major troubles that the internet users face these days. Though there are many methods of prevention of hacking, the professional hackers have found ways and means of overcoming all the protection measures. Some of the most influential methods of hacking are by employing key logging and phishing from which one needs to take extra care and attention to stay safe. This becomes more challenging for the internet users to keep all their accounts safe from the preying hackers. Here are a few methods by which you can keep your email accounts and personal computers safe from hacking.


Strong passwords
Most of the hacking takes place by the cracking of the passwords and there are many who have a great expertise in cracking passwords. It is therefore up to an individual to keep your password strong enough for one to guess. If your password is a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters, it is unlikely that your password may get hacked. A combination of small and capital letters can also help.

Make sure you don’t use your second name or your spouse’s name, your pet’s name and any other name that is easy for anyone to guess as your password. This makes it more vulnerable. Also ensure that you change your passwords frequently to keep all your records intact and safe. Having the same password for different accounts can also make it easy for the hackers. Because, when one of your account is hacked, you can be sure that the others can be hacked too. Be careful not to write down your password anywhere.


Anti virus software
One of the best methods of staying safe from hackers is to have the latest updated version of anti virus software installed. Choosing a good firewall process can also keep your safe. These programs deter the miscreants from intruding into your computer and gathering information even when the latest hacker software is employed.


Anti-keylogger program
One of the common methods of hacking these days is the key logging where every stroke made on the keyboard is recorded including the password you enter which makes it easier for the password hacker to infiltrate into your accounts. This is done by the hackers by installing the key logging program into the victim’s computer without his knowledge and then stalks him. This can be avoided by using an anti key logging program which does not support any key logging software therefore making it difficult for recording the passwords.


Safe emails
Make sure you do not open any of the suspicious attachments that you receive in your emails. This is one of the most followed methods of hacking. There can also be some of the emails that promise you gifts and you may be tricked into divulging your details of which you must be wary of.

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