Java Collection-6 : Some Great Modded Opera Internet Browser For Java

O pera Mini is Undoubtedly Most Famous and Also Popular Java Internet Browser Of All Time. Though It...

Opera Mini is Undoubtedly Most Famous and Also Popular Java Internet Browser Of All Time. Though It’s Low in Feature, But It Offers You The Key Things You Need To Surf in Web. Opera Mini Has A Great Page Rendering Engine, Awesome X-HTML Optimization, PC View With Great Zoom Mode, Bookmark Sync, Download Manager, Speed dial, Bitmap Font Support And Much More. Here I am Sharing Some Great Modded Opera Mini Browser With Some Great Features In All.


Opera Mini 4 Low Memory



Here’s Opera Mini 4 Modded For Low Memory Phones Which Don’t able to run opera mini.

In Addition, it has Backlight Control and Google Bot UA.



This one is modded version of opera mini 4.09972,it is very suitable for low RAM phones to run and it has the same effect when get online  with the opera mini 4.2 but use very little RAM .It also has cursor too.

Features :


1. This one can memory history's  cache,for example ,if you clean all  the history of opera mini,but you want to back to the previous page you will find that all the  pages are shut off(except 5.X),if you press back it will connect to the internet again,but this one can back no need to connect to the internet again.
2. Backlight inside(only available for NOKIA phones,other phones please test it yourself ):Use the key "*"and the "green key(call )"to turn the backlight.when you first press the "*"key perhaps the backlight will turn off,don't worry ,press the green key ,it will ok.Thanks to kolin5 and xiaoyan for the technology.
3. Add search engines by yourself.
when you fix up it you will find that it has no search engine,yes ,but you can add it by yourself.
Press the key "#""9",then the application will enter the search bar ,press manage(管理),then press add(增加) then you can input the suitable Search tools like Google ,but remember that you only can input once !then use  the search once ,it will appear in the homepage .
4. Less history/cache pages,the official version can save 30 pages of history/cache ,but sometimes it's useless ,and let some low ram phones run very slow so you have to clean the history for a few minutes,but now you needn't to clean it very frequently,it only can save 8 pages of history/cache now .
5. Very beautiful skin.
6. Use very little RAM in opera mini 4.X,some basic phones also can run it well.
7. Googlebot UA and phone model UA[default NokiaN82],The phone user agent inside the application can be used here





Opera Mini 5.1.2 HUI Turbo

opera 5 mz opera 5 msdsdz


  • Turbo Mod
  • Transparent Background - put any image in E:/ after rename it as dzebb.png.
  • Backlight Control
  • Googlebot UA





Opera Mini Mod 4.21 B1 HUI200b5 Supertxt Menu



  • Turbo Mod
  • Supertext Menu
  • Handler 200 Menu





Opera Mini 4.3 HUI123 Turbo3+Multi-Window




  • Turbo3 mod
  • Multi-Windows
  • Screenshotter
  • 0 key navigation





Opera Mini 6 Handler UI 150



This is Opera Mini 6 Handler UI 150 By Dzebb





Opera Mini 5.1.2 MZ Mod

opera 5 msdsdz


  • Feature:
  • D-Loader
  • Transparent BG
  • Sleep Mode
  • Manual/Auto RAM Recovery
  • Backup/Import RMS.db
  • Screenshot UI
  • Backlight Adjustment
  • Googlebot User-Agent
  • Removed Brand Logo





Opera Mini Mod 4.21

Have You Ever Dreamed Of A Java Browser That Will Be Not Only A Simple “Browser” But Will Also Have Some Extraordinary Feature Which Can’t Be Even Think Of? Well, Then The Opera Mini Mod Will Be All Of This For You.




  • Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 1 English.jar (New!)

  • Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 1 English (New!)

  • Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Final Eng.jar

  • Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Final

  • Opera Mini Mod4.2 RC2 Eng.jar

  • Opera Mini Mod4.2 RC2

  • Opera Mini Mod 4.2 RC1 EN.jar

  • Opera Mini Mod 4.2 RC1

  • Opera Mini Mod 420 T16 Rev3 EN.jar

  • Opera Mini Mod 420 T16 Rev3 EN

  • Opera Mini Mod 4.2 T16 EN.jar

  • Opera Mini Mod 4.2 T16 Signed

  • Opera Mini Mod 4. 2 T15.jar

  • Opera Mini Mod4.2

  • Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test 14 ENG.jar

  • Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test 14


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