GeeTeeDee A Sleek Task Management App For Windows And Linux

H ave you tried any Task Management software in your PC previously? If yes, then might have already noticed a common relation around then – ...


Have you tried any Task Management software in your PC previously? If yes, then might have already noticed a common relation around then – All of the are Awfully Boring. If your are just exhausted by them, then you can try GeeTeeDee. It’s a free, lightweight application works on Windows and Linux (As they said, Mac and Mobile version will also be available soon. But as of this writing, you can only enjoy this on Windows and Linux). And the most important fact, it has a cool user interface, which created difference from other Task Management software. GeeTeeDee is a lightweight tool for wrangling your GTD to-do lists that sports drag and drop task sorting, customizable groups, and more.

Features At A Glance

  • Lightweight design to keep you focused
  • Collecting tasks is easy
  • Group tasks
  • Create timed tasks
  • Customizable groups
  • Compact view
  • User-friendly installation. Admin rights are not required!
  • Drag'n'drop tasks and groups

Leaving the name aside, this application looks as if it has been developed by the Dropbox team. The clean interface gives it a minimal look to keep you focused and the tasks grouping makes it a perfect organizer. Unlike other task managers which comes with countless options and features, GeeTeeDee is the most simplest you will see out there.

Supporting drag & drop, you can organize and customize both tasks and groups. To remove a task, simply drag & drop it in Trash. All completed tasks can be seen inside the Completed group.

To add a new group, right-click on the left sidebar and select Add Group. A new window will pop-up where you can select any pre-illustrated icon and give the group a name.


It also offers Compact View to keep you focused on current tasks. The Cleanup button at the bottom of the interface allows you to clean all completed tasks.


This application is the first build released to the public. We won’t throw our verdict just yet since there is still a long way to go in the development of this software, for e.g, there is no feature to manage sub-tasks. The developer plans to add many more features (also open for suggestions), will release a version for Mac OS X soon, and has apps for Mobile Devices in the pipeline. Our testing was done on Windows 7 32-bit system.

One thing must be applauded, the beautiful interface. It’s extremely elegant and stylish; you will be tempted to use it right away after installation. Besides grouping the tasks, you can add a special note and the task completion date to each task. Once finished, you can check off that particular task. I’m really impressed with the beautiful appearance and the simple functioning. Tasks which aren’t completed yet are shown in red color making it easy to manage the whole thing. The simplicity is really an underrated feature here; not having too many distractions is always a welcome change for any software. Portable version of the software is available and all you need to do is unzip the file and use it.

Download GeeTeeDee For Windows And Linux

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