4shared Sync Allows To Manage & Upload Your File From Anywhere : Supports Both PC & Mobile

4 shared is a popular file sharing service that allows users to store, manage, and share files with others with a facility to search files b...

4shared Sync Allows To Manage & Upload Your File From Anywhere  Supports Both PC & Mobile

4shared is a popular file sharing service that allows users to store, manage, and share files with others with a facility to search files by different parameters from huge 4shared public archive. If you’ve been uploading and managing your files from the website, 4shared Sync will help you easily add, remove upload, and organize your archives without having to login to 4shared website. With 4shared Sync, all you need to do is to enter your login details to view and sync your files across all 4shared Sync configured systems. Moreover, 4shared sync application is available for numerous OS platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry and Android. This will surly be a great competitive of Dropbox.

Let’s Check This

User-friendly synchronization

All you have to do is to save the files in your 4shared Sync folder, and they will be synchronized with any device, like a laptop, or PC, you are using. This enables you to get immediate access to any chosen mp3 track, video, etc. of yours, and share it with friends, family, or colleagues.

Moreover, easy-to-use 4shared Sync is what keeps your files secured, no matter what happens with your computers or phones, as they are also kept safe on your account at 4shared.com.

Files accessible anywhere

Your projects, documents, personal photos, music, videos, etc. – anything is likewise accessible from your laptop, PC, with all changes, which you make, being also synchronized for all devices.

No flash memory cards, no send-myself e-mails, all essential data is now available for you absolutely ANYWHERE with 4shared Sync.

No matter where you are, all your files are stored at all your laptops and computers, in addition to your account 4shared.com.

  • 15 GB of free storage space + 100GB for users, who decide to upgrade
  • Access your files anytime and anywhere from 4shared.com
  • 4shared Sync is supported by all Windows PCs and laptops
  • Offline access to files, even if net connection is broken
  • An ability to choose between free and upgraded connection
  • Multiple synchronization of chosen files between all your laptops and PCs

Easy File-Sharing

From now on, there’s a much simpler way to share files of all kinds with different people, no matter in which part of the world they are now. With 4shared Sync any files or folders, you would like to share, will immediately get accessible to people, you have selected.

You can also share direct links to files, which makes the downloading process really effortless.

Any of your files and folders can be shared with anyone, you wish to: your relatives, friends and colleagues.

  • Share any folder or files with the people, you have selected.
  • Check others’ updates in their shared folders.
  • Create bright and colorful photo albums to exchange the memories and impressions with your dearest people.
  • Share favorite music tracks and video clips with your friends, and get to know, what they are listening at the moment.
  • Share direct links to files, which will make the downloading process for others really effortless.

Ultimate Security

In addition to the opportunity to access any files from all conceivable devices, like a PC or a laptop, 4shared Sync serves as a solid guarantee, that even in case your laptop gets broken, for instance, you are sure that all files, initially stored on its hard drive, are still safe.

That’s so, as all synchronized files have their back-up on your secured account at 4shared.com, so that you can get any of them, whenever you need it, simply by logging in 4shared.com.

  • Access to your 2-day 4shared Sync synchronization history, which is saved automatically.
  • The back-up of your files is stored at 4shared, even if all your laptops and PCs break down somehow.
  • All files, which are stored at 4shared, are secure, as are being protected by trustworthy anti-virus software.

Synchronization for everyone

Even if you’re not the top-manager, who needs to synchronize large projects and documents from his/her PC, 4shared Sync will definitely be useful, no matter if you are an IT-specialist or kindergarten teacher, or work in any other sphere.

4shared Sync is also convenient to store and share family photos, videos, recipes, the best mp3 tracks, or any other data, you find essential.

  • No matter, where you are, at home, in the office, or on a journey, your synchronized files are accessible from any PC, or laptop.
  • Exchange work documents, family photos, or favorite music with anyone you want.
  • Simple and quick upload and download of all files.

Download 4shared Sync

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