Windows 7 Gadget Clipboard Manager Manages Clipboard History

P reviously we have talked about a clipboard replacement application called ShapeShifter for Windows . That was a standalone software which...

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Previously we have talked about a clipboard replacement application called ShapeShifter for Windows. That was a standalone software which will completely replace Windows default one. And I'm going to share another clipboard management option called “clipboard manager”. This is not a standalone package, rather it is a gadget which provides quick access to the clipboard history. You can retrieve images or text you copied previously from the history or create your favorite clips to use in the future. Simply right-click on the entry in the history and select your action.

Some features

  • Upto 999 clipboard contents could be stored in the Clipboard History. The history is being built automatically - every Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert, etc. is monitored and stored. Once you realize you need the content you used a minute, an hour, a day or even a month ago, you can do it by clicking the corresponding line in the Clipboard History.
    Use the filter at the bottom of the flyout list - your search will be incredibly fast. After you click the history item it will be copied back to the clipboard and you can paste it to your document (Ctrl+V, Shift+Insert, mouse+Paste).

  • You can store whatever clipboard content as a favorite clip and reuse it later by clicking the appropriate favorite line

  • Userful tool for marking your texts with current date and time in whatever format.
    Use 'Create timestamp pattern' button and spend some time on understanding how to create custom timestamp patterns. After you created your pattern you can use Timestamps tab in the flyout window or the 'time' button on the main gadget.

  • There is currently only one additional tool available. It is called 'Create GUID' and is targeted for developers. Please ignore it if you do not know what GUID is.

  • Clipboard Manager gadget supports images since its version 2.0. Not only text based information but also images could be saved to history or marked as favorite clips. Use 'img', 'bmp', 'jpg', 'picture', 'image' or any similar string to filter out images on the flyout window.

  • Maybe you want the fully functional Clipboard History but you do not want to share any piece of information it carries. One of your options is to use 'Privacy mode'. If you choose this option, no information will be displayed directly on the main gadget area but only in flyout window. Nobody will be able to look over your shoulder. It cannot happen that you unintensionally beam some private related stuff during your Powerpoint presentation.
    Another option how to save your privacy is to permanently delete items from Clipboard History. Delete an item by right-click and select 'delete'. To delete the whole Clipboard History use the 'clear' button.

  • All lists support right-click functionality. Use right-click on any item in the main gadget or in the flyout window.

You surely noticed many different backgrounds. There are almost 100 out of the box devided into different categories.
Nevertheless you can create your own original background. Please follow:

  • Download and install GIMP
  • File > New > 128x160
  • Make layer transparent
  • Paste your picture
  • Select > Round Rect > 10
  • Select > Shrink > 1
  • Select Feather > 5
  • Select > Invert
  • Edit > Cut
  • Save as e.g. 89.png
  • Move png file to the following folder (typically): C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\ClipboardManager.gadget\backgrounds

Download Clipboard Manager

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