Create Application Group & Launch Them In One Click Or Toggle Them From Taskbar Via Windows 7 App Launcher

If you are a power Windows user and use your PC for lots of purpose then you will surly need to use some applications each time. Launching ...

Create-Application-Group-&-Launch-Them-In-One-Click-Or-Toggle-Them-From-Taskbar-Via-Windows-7-App-LauncherIf you are a power Windows user and use your PC for lots of purpose then you will surly need to use some applications each time. Launching a list of application every time you boot your PC may seem to be quite boring. Launching all those application with single click can be somehow a good solution for this. If you are familiar with Batch-File (.bat) and have some knowledge about Windows system, then you can perhaps be able to create a list of preferred application and batch open them from that .bat file. That could be a bad idea for regular users as it’s a bit hard. Now there’s an application called Windows 7 App Launcher which allows you to create application group as well as manage them with profile and batch open them from one click when needed. Windows 7 App Launcher is a simple batch launcher tool by which you can add some applications, files and open them at once. You can create multiple profile to use launcher with different need. More to read.


Windows 7 App Launcher is a portable application and is only 523KB in size. To get started with Windows 7 App Launcher, download the archived file and decompress it. Then just run 7APLauncher.exe from the folder. Once you have opened the app, you will be shown the Welcome menu of the app which is indeed a configuration window to manage behavior of Windows 7 App Launcher. From here you can setup basic settings like Hide/Show Categories, tell the app to start minimized at taskbar, add Windows 7 App Launcher to the startup programs, tell the app to close immediately after running a JumpList task and more. You can also assign a hotkey (keyboard shortcut) to launch the app, start the app in Gadget mode and more.


To create a new profile and make a JumpList, move to the New Profile tab. Here enter a name for the new profile and then click on Create Profile.


Then you will need to add applications or files in this profile. Added applications and files will be started when you launch the new profile. To add a new application or file click on the Browse and navigate for the file. Then click on Include. Selected apps or files will be then listed on the right panel where you can see them. Now add all files you want like this. Make sure to click on Include to add the selected file. After done, click on the Save/Update button from the bottom part. Now you are done with you JumpList. You can also assign a hotkey to load this profile from here.


If you want to set that profile as a category them enable the Set Profile As Category option. You will notice a new options Settings appears right beside it. Click on it and you will get a new window opened where you can add or update Aliases for the apps.


Now to launch the JumpList, click on Launch Profile and all apps/files will be opened at once. Windows 7 App Launcher also Thumbnail Preview feature. You can select a profile to launch simply by right clicking on the Windows 7 App Launcher icon from taskbar and clicking on respective buttons. You can launch profile, move to previous/next profile and also go to first/last profile from here.


You can also launch individual app from the JumpList easily.


Windows 7 App Launcher also supports gadget mode. To use this, enable Start 7APL in Gadget Mode from the Welcome tab.

Windows 7 App Launcher is a portable freeware tool to allow you to quickly open a brunch or apps as needed. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7.

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